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Susan Cox back the beginning seem prime for a decidedly sunny life certainly not the tragedy it became Susan's Mom Judy back in two thousand eleven sc grew up people were kinda drawn to her and she was just a Happy Child Happy Times Hansel I remember one time I was upset with her because she drew flowers her bedroom wall and they asked her why did you draw the flower on the wall was pretty so you say okay let's not drought on the wall okay after High School Susan announced she intended to go to beauty school but why do you WanNa be a petition and well because that's what she liked was making people happy and making things pretty but even more than that more than anything Susan wanted to make a family own she was still a teenager when the romance began with a young man named Josh Powell the function of the Church of Jesus Christ latter-day Saints Josh kept an audio journal back then it's just recently been released and here he is describing the first time he noticed Susan well I didn't know who she does she was about to leave I called her back and I was like hey come talk to me for a while and she did and she seemed to like him even though is Josh Self admitted he was nothing at all like say Susan people find it difficult to remain in my company over extended periods time Susan has loved every minute with me she loves the things other people cannot tolerate about me must have because less than three months after they met they got engaged. Susan's parents worried about that thought maybe Susan and Josh we're moving too fast but Susan seemed determined he was her guy here she is leaving a playful message in his audio journal Default sorry for him he didn't have many friends and I think she felt she could make him a happy and that he wouldn't change she was nineteen years old when they married he was twenty five his father Steve Shot this wedding video Steve was always hovering around with a camera seen so innocent at the time hasn't happened Steve recorded just the kind of thing that made the Cox's cringe when it came to their new son-in-law into by her own engagement ring from the department store where she worked he paid her back but still Susan I didn't seem to worry about it so she was an outgoing bright person he's less social and so I think that probably was draft to him to there wasn't a lot of money at first so they moved in with Josh's Dad near Seattle and private places left Steve's place and eventually moved to Utah where said Jennifer they seem fine pretty good in the early years I came here you know it was pretty happy Susan's best friend Casey Hellawell remembers the Powell's then three years into their marriage still behave like early which he said they would always be cuddling at my house my husband will walk by and see them kissing on the couch and get a room they had two sons Charles Lian Brayden stayed married for almost nine years until that cold December day when everyone was frantically searching for the Powell's I thought they got a for a drive up in the mountains and slid off a cliff or there knowing josh he took him on some dirt road they're stuck in the snow freezing death friends and family tried to reach the couple all morning but they're calls kit going to voicemail so neighbor Giovanna had her son call from his and he said Okay I'll be home soon. Giovanna explained the urgency of the situation Josh that Susan had gone to work commit no one knew where she was at and he said Oh I'm sure she went to work she must have gone to work more than two hours went by and still no sight of in deep finally picked up for moment Jennifer thought maybe everything was okay but as she listened to Josh talking so you realized it it's not okay Susan's not with him the boys were with them but Susan's not there he said he went to pick her up at work and she wasn't air which doesn't make any sense because Devante had already alerted Josh that Susan did not show up to work Josh and Jennifer agreed to meet back at his place so she raised back over and Josh did make it home eventually the story he had to tell you will see I don't know when dateline continues.

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