House Judiciary Committee, Justice Department, Congress discussed on Colorado's Morning News with April Zesbaugh and Marty Lenz


Are struggling with the development and the growth and mostly feeling like the people of this community have been cut out from the conversation about what the future of this city is essential reach out to the other candidates to form a coalition to challenge. The mayor. We'll talk to her and mayor Hancock live in the seven o'clock hour this morning in other local election news the effort to decriminalize magic mushrooms is projected to fail and Denver voters are also upholding the city's urban camping ban today is the day. The House Judiciary committee is expected to vote to hold AG Bill bar in contempt of congress Dave negotiations. It seems the House Judiciary committee and the Justice department could not make concrete progress toward resolving their dispute. Resulting from the request to view, the full unredacted Muller reports, the Justice department had offered access to more of the reports, but only in a classified setting only viewing by members in congressional leadership. House Democrats say own member should have access and subpoenaed to get it with no middle ground found. The house committee will take up the resolution to hold barn. Contempt of congress. Followed by vote which would t it up for a vote in the full house later this week. Serena Marshall ABC news Capitol Hill a federal court, upholding the Trump administration's policy to force migrants seeking asylum to wait in Mexico, while they're court cases proceed the ninth circuit court of appeals place to stay on a preliminary injunction by a lower court, the president has often complained about the liberal leaning ninth circuit. But in this case, it's sided with him and state fire. Officials say it's unlikely we'll see a summer wildfire season as bad as last year. The improved outlook is good news for the state budget, Colorado, Spence, two mated forty million dollars on last season's wildfire response. Does not include.

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