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Vaccinated. Thank you. That's a bad No, I told you. Mayor Muriel Bowser left the media briefing immediately after her chateau wait 15 minutes with health care workers to make sure she didn't have a reaction. But before that, Bowser said, the city is making progress. With vaccinations. We have been able to administer more than 51,000 doses of the back. Seen Bowser says 14,000 more vaccines arrive in the district this week. 8700 from Fizer and 5600 from Madonna. Look, look. Er w t o p news we learned today it will be weeks before armed soldiers are no longer protecting downtown D. C National Guard says it plans to have 7000 members stay in the city for the next two weeks and 5000 soldiers will remain here into March. Here's wt. Opie's Megan Clarity, acting Army set. For Terry. Johnny Willy says the requests from four agencies have been approved by the National Guard. Stay in D. C. He says 500 will assist the Secret Service 550 will work with D C. Police. Actually, 600 will be supporting a secret service and approximately 5000. Will be supporting the Capitol police, Whitley says. The FBI has flagged a number of events of concern in the coming weeks, which could draw large crowds and we are posturing our forces to be able to respond to those threats if they emerge. Meanwhile, commanding general of the D C. National guard William Walker, says Cove it has spread with 200 cases among the 25,000 Guardsmen assisting at the Capitol. Megan Clarity. W T O P News Up Next in money news ups looks to sharpen its focus on its package delivery business. It's 10 24. You know, we all need a little escape.

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