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Thirty eight degrees. Getting a report from a friend in east Naarden that it's sleeting. They're feeling worse today yesterday during the storm for headed to forty six today, the rain or sleet, whatever it is will end sometime this morning from the traffic center to northbound at four zero one just a right lane. Getting by for a multi vehicle crash in San we'll have an update on that. From the traffic center coming up in a minute. Three, Don KYW. By national appliance warehouse. November sixteenth nineteen seventy four. John Lennon at the top of the singles chart with whatever gets you through the night dated nineteen seventy seven. Why don't you just want to know? It's really happening. The release of the Steven Spielberg SCI fi blockbuster. Encounters of the third cons means something starring Richard Dreyfuss. Stayed in one thousand nine hundred eighty five. Starship hit the top of the US singles chart with rolling. Stone magazine later voted. The worst song of the eighties. And now it's stuck in your head. However sixteenth nineteen ninety. Speak with the release of rocky five at least successful, rocky, mov- blamed Brandon Brooks and that three one. Four fifty two samplers back traffic.

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