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But yeah, those are all three I mean full metal jacket and high school. We always use the watch the I can watch those clips old drill. Sergeant. We can't play those clips or repeat them. But they're funny. Good stuff. This question here comes from Clayton. Barnett our good friend good friend of the show. Are you trying to avoid spoilers for season eight or watching for them? I haven't heard anything really. I'm not going after. I haven't seen you. I'm not. I never go spoilers. Okay. Now, definitely avoiding it like anything else. But I haven't really season seven I felt like there's a lot of buzz like oh spoilers going around. I don't really seen anything for season eight. Yeah. I haven't seen much either usually get on Reddit. Oh, the season eight scripts leaked haven't seen much of that. I think season is tough to predict it's really up in the air because there are certain threads from previous seasons where we could kind of connect them. Not not so much season eight. Yeah. You guys kind of know what's going on at three in the books. Do kinda know where we'll what's going to happen. Not re- leading to people have been theorizing the end of the show for decades. Yeah. The end of the books, so we kind of look into that. And George said that he's ready theory that predicted the end. Yeah. That's really that's not. So. Well, I mean, you say that and there's like a million theories it's like, which he predicted the ending that he had in mind at that time, it's probably complete different now. Well, he predicted that there was going to be an ending first mistake. This question here comes from Kane. Kane the stranger with glass recently being released on curious, what are some of your favorite, non marvel? Dc superhero films. Chronicle is a personal favorite of mine. It's so funny. When I read the question, I was like, oh, I'm going to say chronicle, and then he takes thanks. A lot came kick ass. I like kick ass kiss. Why we're so close to the end. Trying to think of non marvel DC's you began with all the glass universe. I mean split on breakable would probably be my favorite. Yeah. It is pretty good. What else is there? Hell boy. Yeah. Dc now marvel I guess you can kinda go sin city you could throw watchmen in there because it's it's like DC jas John with. There's a super here. Yeah. I'll give you that. Fucking superman credible ze. Yeah. Incredible cz. I went from incredible thread Morgan. Their character from a TV or film adaptation that was nail perfectly from a book or something like that. That's a good question that is Benedict. Cumberbatch Sherlock, Holmes? He is a good show Robert Downey junior ironman, obviously, they changed him a little bit. I'm trying to think of like the perfect add up tation. I'm trying to game. Thrones. There are few like little finger virus characters like that. My favorite game of thrones. Casting will always be little finger. Yeah. That's when you look at the fan or drawings before the show was even out. He looks like Aidan gillen. It's amazing. But I think the best I always say some of the best Taiwian Ned stark characters. I know that the nail the perfectly is when I go back and read the books, and I envisioned Sean bean, right? Yeah. Or eight and Gillan where Tyrian you can't you can't pick your Peter because ways described in the books, it's so different. But probably the best actor to play that character. But the question is who's the most like their counterpart? Yeah. I I think Wendling Chrissy to Brienne is one that the I mean where did she come from? How the fuck did they find her the moa memoria? Yeah. That's a good one and Amelia Clark. Scenarios is a good one trying to think from other works. Besides game of thrones. Oh, Daniel Radcliffe, Harry Potter. Yeah. That's a great one. Yeah. That's one that. I'd like to be good video idea..

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