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Angel Martinez. If you have rotting missing teeth infected gums, I've been telling you about cutting dental for a lot of years, but cutting dental is more than just dead till implants, that's it's not just new permanent teeth in a day there premier full service dental practice wherever fifty years with a dozen dentists surgeons and specialists that can take care of everything simple cleanings checkups or maybe you need crowns bridges. They do cosmetic dentistry full mouth, reconstruction dentures. Orthodontics and implants, so if you have a lot of rotting teeth in your mouth, go to the new permanent teeth today lunch seminar tomorrow in Irvine make a reservation, I'll give you the number. You'll meet the doctors in the patients during the month of may cutting dental is offering a free sleep for any dental procedure. Call free dental exam CT scan make a reservation tomorrow Irvine lunch seminar. Call eight eight eight six forty smile. Eight eight eight six forty smile on your cellphone dial pound two fifty say cutting dental on your cell phone. Dial pound two fifty and say cutting dental. Attorney sweet James bergener is dedicated to changing the way accidents or handled with insurance companies. You cannot control the accident when it happened. But when it does call sweet James, the people's attorney of southern California eight hundred eighty one twenty twenty one sweetjames dot com. Hey, it's Debra gin. And I want to tell you about my experience with lift teak. I'm a busy working mom, and I wanted to look younger, but didn't want an invasive facelift that involves surgery downtime, plus surgery, really scares me. So I met with a lift he doctrine, he explained lift he can he tailored a procedure. Just for me, and they can do the same for you lift teak rebuilds collagen and elastic and the results are guaranteed. I have lift takes prevent one in done procedure about a month ago. And I've had so many people tell me how great I look. And of course, that makes me feel really good lift teak is holding four free. Learn with lift teak seminars in may come meet the lifting Dr see result photos and hear from patients like myself who loved their lift he look.

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