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To another issue that has come up now. And that is the demonstrations in the wake of the tragic killing of George Floyd demonstrations that have continued in some parts of country, including in Portland, Oregon, where I guess they had something like 54 55 straight days of it. And now we have federal officers. I guess I'll call them agent. Something showing up is a little unclear where they come from. What is the proper breakdown between the federal government? State local authorities when it comes to policing civil unrest. Well show again, depending on the nature of the law enforcement issue. They're different authorities, For example, the federal government does have the right and the obligation to protect federal buildings, Federal courthouse, But that means really the perimeter around those structures, and maybe the immediate education parts is not a license to go on patrol in the streets. Because somebody somewhere in this city might decided some point to attack a federal building. Now, the federal government also usually stands ready to assist state and local officials if they request that assistance. In this case, my understanding is Portland has not requested and then the final thing which we've seen in the last few days. Is it apparently operational. Border Patrol enforcement agents who are used to functioning at a border environment have been the kind of tip of the spear on the law enforcement presence. In Portland, and that means they're dressed in crazy military garb, and they operate with a degree of force that is appropriate in a border environment. But not you see when you're dealing with demonstrations in First Amendment rights, and I think this is trouble, a lot of people, including be honest people who used to be with the agency and people who are in the agency. Are they trained to deal with that sort of that environment. No. I mean, the whole point of these tactical border Patrol agents is they're trained to deal in an environment where you can have me up against drug gangs. There could be firearms you could be dealing with snipers are when you're really almost in a crazy I'm military situation. That is not what we're seeing important. Yes, There may be some looting, and there may be some violence and that's what police normally deal with. But it's not the kind of environment where you have hosing crazy Military force. Thank you so much for all your time today really appreciate Michael that is Michael Chertoff. Of the Chertoff group Coming up new SEC rules governing proxy advisor firms Tom Codman of the U. S Chamber of Commerce is here to explain what will change out of these newsroom new rules. It's going next on balance of power on Uber radio. The following is a re opening. The reopening rotation has taken place. How will it happen? Healthcare's obviously very much in focus. What's next? Surely it's better to have an extension. What if this is going to be industry? White? At least there's one question you could have answered. Where to keep up. We have the latest world and national news right.

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