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Point five they don't make them like that anymore they don't these planes borough on new jersey one zero one point five handy hey doing steve good buddy how are you i'm good plays treason automobiles god that is so funny those are not pillows she going the wrong way you're gonna kill somebody they were in the hotel room and the only thing steve martin gets to wipe it the debate with is like a wash cloth and that's it he's got every driving down the road and the cars burning up and they don't feel the car was burning you know what you can't you can't fly do funny tv dentist conway that whole thing because harvey korman's which cheers he was laughing so hard it's classic it is classic and every time tim conway and harvey korman got together harvey korman couldn't stop laughing i know i i'm sitting here thinking about it just do you remember it's got to be one of the greatest oh absolutely ever win i've never mikhail's navy i was a big fan kills navy as you as you watched the show more you realize that all it really was was a vehicle for tim conway right the crew we get into pro would have trouble or whatever the plot they would develop the plot and then tim conway would do something stupid and i was what we saved the day now in.

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