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Four times more than coconut, oil and coconut, oil raises key tones, no more than just sleeping all night, which is Nate, our fast. So let me get the straight might neurons wanted key tones. I take my bulletproof coffee which has the caffeine affect in it. I add brain octane to it, which is part of the recipe, which gives me more key towns, and all of a sudden it's like yeah. I got my account like you tones. And then when I have for lunch, God forbid, had some sushi with white rice. I'm not a Kito brownie more. Mike liles. Right. We got this. We like this in my gut bacteria pretty happy about it, too. And I monitor my gut bacteria. So it says idea how being ketosis sometimes eat tons of edges all the time. And how do we some carbs all the time? Well, avoiding toxic proteins in damaged fats in you do that. Don't eat too much. Don't eat too often. Everything is easy. That's awesome. So yeah, I know you're frustrated because you wanna talk about game changes. But now I've lived talking about that. I wanna talk about I you would note to say an Email say, hey, give me your address in some dark glasses. And and I get this auto bounce. It says as a way to avoid electron distractions. I don't use my computer. I'm hiding cave in the Himalayas and I accept carrier pigeons, and they normally take weeks to reach to bed, but ours, our trained to achieve twenty about possible. What an arrogant message you ask? Most people think it's funny the first I've totally joking not gonna laugh, totally. I just wanted to excuse to call your now. So when you couldn't thump me for saying it because we're emoting you must be impressed with my internet coverage here in the Himalayas, though. I, I am impressed from gave actually. You know you don't want us really funny. Speaking of Tibet. I really did come up with the idea for bulletproof coffee on the side of mount Kailash when I first had yak butter tea, which the Himalayan people into bed and other other Himalayan areas. They figured out, you can mix butter tea in on. You mix it up. You get this Kito effect. In some other things with water chemistry in. It's just a thing I noticed, I felt much better. But what haven't really talked about on that trip? This was a long time ago two thousand four there was no internet coverage. So I being a dumb ass, not computer hacker. I brought a three pound laptop, you couldn't even buy one back, then it was really hard to find one at mcgavin to do. My Email is whole trip. I'll be so connected resent. What were using for internet? I would go to an internet cafe and wasteful knows looking unplug one of the computers from their network. Plug it into my laptop and like I'm gonna download my messages. But the spammers at the time, there was no spam filter giving so much spam. I couldn't download the spam faster than the internet connection available in Tibet. So my laptop was. Just a brick, I carried with me which forced me to meditate for three months. That's why became really good shape hall in that thing around. Exactly that is awesome. What a great story. Yuck butter. They can you buy yak butter anywhere. United States when I came back from there, I wanna feel that brain thing. I felt the first time I drank it. So I tried to buy back. But I mean I searched around. I found a guy who was selling like tiger meat that's disgusting and wrong on so many so many levels and like, oh, if you wanna pay fifteen hundred dollars you.

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