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Thinking what to do about the maybe we should just have one judges only segment? Like put them in the end of the. Judges call it. Six. So many judges it numerically they outnumber all the other gates, right? That's true. I said like a thirty year battle, no more. Judges people are sending me websites where they wanna give websites because I don't well. You don't trust their judgment. I they claim. It's a really smart guy. That knows what he's doing. But I I do. Sorry. Really trust. John and Ken and our committee when we come up with our voter guide. That's it. We don't have we have not screaming candidate ourselves. We cannot put it on the voter guy. Don't show much work goes into the voter guide. We talked to everyone running. Well, you must do that meetings. I miss you attend nothing. I know. Yeah. Out there watching baseball. They're taking a nap. Thanks for showing up. That's my life. So oh, and by the way tomorrow, you still won't be hearing this on the air yet four o'clock tomorrow, we come on four until nine right, right? We'll have more Kellyanne John Tomasson from two to four the first two hours. We normally cover and then Conway net bugger will come on at nine o'clock, and he'll stay till midnight. He's probably very happy. Well, he won't do the in between four tonight. It will get home until much later. Walks down the street here in Burbank. So today was over the weekend. The United States Senate judiciary committee released a massive report about the whole judge Brad Kavanagh confirmation. Four hundred and fourteen pages. And yes, we read it all didn't. We know. I read the summer. I saw you busy over the weekend. You had the book on the plane. You took a trip reading the whole. No, I tell you though, there was there's there's a lot of wires out. There shockingly some of them are women. I know this is hard to understand this goes against the culture, the the grain of society, but women lie just like men. Do they're going to get to her in a moment. Yeah. I wanna I wanna get into her whole story here. The eleventh hour allegations popped up is that at least one man possibly to came forward. That said I was the guy that she thinks judge Cavanaugh. Well, one man told the investigators when he was a nineteen year old college student, he visited Washington over spring break and kissed a girl he believes was Christine blazey Ford. He said that the kiss happened in the bedroom of a house. Which was about a fifteen to twenty minute walk from the van Ness metro. Dr Ford was wearing a swimsuit under a clothing and at the kissing ended. When a friend jumped on them as a joke. All seems to fit the scenario that she described unless he made that up. The van Ness metro was in northwest, Washington DC his name was redacted in the report. But investigators interviewed him the day before four testified which was September twenty seven and then another man who said that after graduating high school in Hampton Virginia one thousand nine hundred eighty two he made several trips to Washington DC that summer enduring one trippy attended a house party where he kissed and made out with a woman he met who he believes could have been Christine blazey four and he thinks that he looked like Justice cabinet at the time. That's right. He believes the two of them may share a similar experience. His name was also redacted, but it's important to note. Although each individual described details that in some respects seem to fit Dr Ford's allegations against Justice cavenaugh, both men described consensual encounters answer the question, I add who would admit to a sex assault. When I first saw the story. I thought, wow, the guys coming forward admitting to or I thought he was just trying to you know, it shows you try to take the sword. For Cavanaugh to save the confirmation somebody's. Yeah. The guys could lie to and there could be crazy guys coming out of the door must be me. She's talking about women who made up sexual assaults wanted to be a hero for their side. That's right. And these two guys they also want to be a hero the cabinet. Yeah. But it shows you that just when you have young men and women there's all kinds of random sexual activity going on that. Nobody remembers people are drunk. It's dark people are groping kissing. Maybe it's consensual. Maybe it's not you can't sort this stuff out the next day. Let alone forty years later. And then there's another man. And this is the Yale story member, Deborah Ramirez who said the judge Cavanaugh put it put it in her face when they were at Yale. She said she was drunk wasn't sure it was cavenaugh until she thought about it for a week and spoke to her attorney. Well, another guy came forward not to say he was the guy that exposed himself. But he said there was somebody else in. The fraternity a member of Kavanagh's fraternity, but not judge Cavanaugh who had a reputation for exposing himself publicly. So that got in the report and the report says the man what provided a yearbook photo of the frat brother exposing himself. There's actually a photo. Where's the editor? There's a photo of one of the guys taking it out. Well, could we see that photo? The report says the man said he had personally witnessed the flasher exposing cellphone a party, and that the flasher was in the same residential college. As Ramirez would be a fascinating science research project, and a book is to really investigate all these stories because it could show you how how the human memory. Breaks down after a while. And then you have a big news story or traumatic affect a traumatic event that triggers the memory, but the memory doesn't come out the same way. It went in like Ramirez, Deborah Ramirez may not have thought about this incident for the rest of her life. But then he she saw Cavanaugh Cavanaugh up there. She got caught up in the hysteria. And maybe she's, you know, a a liberal progressive activists type and thought. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That's him. He did it to me. And she just she get she gets all crazy. Then there's a William rand who went to the university of North Carolina with Dr Ford told investigators Ford was very robust and active socially. He also said the doctor Ford did not seem to be afraid to be in rooms replacements with only one entrance. She had claimed. She had a hard time making friends after Cavanaugh, and then she said she had to put a second door at her house in California for an escape for an escape, and that turned out to be false story that turned out to be a door for to partner they had built attached to their main residence that they rent it out to people. So I think she made a lot of trauma up after the fact I really do now as the more time goes by the more. I think that she was lying about a lot of the after effects, and I wonder how much she was. She was ginned up by activists. Like, you gotta do this for us. You gotta do this. We'll take care of you will protect you. Don't worry. Right. Because I I have huge doubts about her entire story including the alleged sexual attack. Because there's too much other stuff that has turned out to be phony about her story. Yeah. Because there is that friend of hers that Monica McLean right used to work with the FBI. And she was apparently pressuring woman who knew Dr Ford back in the day to say that she could backup. Dr Ford story about the party, Leland Kaiser, she was the other girl in the house and she claims that she got pressured. Kaiser originally said she had no memory of this never heard about it never happened. And then Ford had Monica McLean. Call her up and say, could you clarify your statement saying that you believe could have happened? Maybe you know. But you just you just don't remember it not that it never happened. See that's a big difference. And she actually did she clarified her statement after the pressure from Monica, Monica McLean, and remember. She's an FBI agent. And there was some funny business going on between four to McLean. Regarding lie detector tests. Oh, that's right. In the past. So. And when we come back. There is Judy Monroe. Layton, listen to this nut, we'll talk about her. And apparently, even though her name never came out. She was an accuser at least as far as the Senate Judiciary committee was concerned. And then just a few days ago. She admitted she made it up. We'll talk about it. John and Ken KFI. Debra Mark has news your chance to win a thousand dollars. I.

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