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At Apple's big annual unveiling CEO, Tim cook and other executives pulled back the curtain on what had already leaked out beforehand, anyway, iphone ten as-. It is the most advanced iphone we've ever created apple revealing three new iphones and update to its iphone ten a bigger version of the iphone ten in fact, the largest iphone ever and a more budget friendly pared-down model that still cost seven hundred fifty bucks. It has a gorgeous new gold finish. And the apple watch is getting makeover. It will become the first over the counter device to include an electrocardiogram or e c g to keep track of the heart. Apple's chief operating officer Jeff Williams, it won't catch every instance of eighth Feb, but we believe this is going to help a lot of people who didn't otherwise no they had an issue. But there were a few things missing from Apple's lineup. There were expectations that they would announce outdated waterproof air pod. Santa new wireless charging Matt that apple is reportedly been working on for a while defender harder. The tech blogging. Gadget says apple wanted to focus on the iphone. I think what we're seeing is. It apple is continually just pushing the average price of their smartphones. They started at a thousand dollars last year with the iphone ten and now the tennis max is pretty much eleven hundred dollars. And that's really it. Like these aren't phones that everyone is gonna buy. But then again, be Elxsi note is wildly successful. And it seemed like the iphone ten was wildly successful for apple too. So I think just by pushing the premium side of the market they can do things that maybe other Android manufacturers. Can't I'm Alex stone. ABC news. Currently it's five forty four here on Colorado's morning news. As our news coverage continues comedian norm Donald might be feeling even more backlash after his latest questionable remark. Mcdonald's sit on yesterday's Howard Stern show that someone would have had to have down syndrome to not feel sorry for harassment victims that was the day after the tonight show, cancel McDonald's. Appears because he told an interviewer that sexual abuse and harassment victims don't have to go through. What's Louis, C K and Roseanne Roseanne Barr? Did. Yeah. I heard some of that interview. And he said, I am never going to do a print interview. Again, I think he has an interview coming up with Rolling Stone. And all of that said, I just I get misquoted. They forced me into a box on certain issues that I wasn't ready to talk about felt sorry for him a little bit. Well, we were talking about this actually at the dinner sometimes comedians. I it's amazing sometimes they're held to a higher standard sometimes elected officials or people put in power to make decisions doesn't mean what he says is right. But we take more umbrage with that than we do with people that we give power and control to and these are just goof-balls. Okay. Didn't really matter this much Forty-five on Colorado's morning news. Wow..

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