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David purdue of georgia united states senator who attended president trump's bipartisan meeting on dhaka tuesday and urged the president to streamline immigration reform and agreed with his colleague it'll illinois democratic senator dick durban on what could be done limiting this to the legal migration side combine the balance between various solutions on daca rumors of thick isn't a conversation as well as four security and shame our garage and therein lies the balance of a good deal that can be done and i don't i don't think fake we just locker cells eliminated half mckay coppins you heard our callers frustration from south carolina about the president undermining himself is there you've been watching this is there any truth to that of course it's true i mean you talk to two members of capitol hill in both parties members of congress their aides and they'll tell you that one of the most frustrating things about this issue in particular is that there is actually a deal within reach i it the you know just yesterday saw reported that the bipartisan group of six senators had had reached a deal in principle on immigration that would cover daca border security some of their of these immigration issues and you know they they took it to the white house and this is what happened the president derailed the whole thing with these uh it completely toxic poisonous comments that caused a major national firestorm rightfully so and and and now this is where we're at on the these on this issue it you you talk to democrats in particular when i talked to the democrats on capitol hill they'll say part of the problem with the white house is that you can never unlike past presidents other unlike past white houses of both parties you can't count on them to be negotiating in good faith you can get in a room with the president his senior advisors think that you're all on the.

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