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Yes indeed thank you deep voice David we are back with a new friend I'm a fan hopefully she counts me as a friend sooner or later I'm gonna make her change her mind when it comes to my old boss Donald Trump the forty fifth president but in the meantime we have a on a phone connection she's Julia Hartley brewer of talk radio in the U. K. follow her at Julia H. B. one I love how you see it in your bio on Twitter it says you are off to dinner speaker but if your imperial majesty should not be a postprandial speak this is a very good point I'm not yeah I mean frankly if taking the roads in the crown office although I didn't want to I think the reason I started having occupied by a respect for the thing will be thirty one okay thanks insisting on putting that has the preferred pronouns in the in the box the Celtics I'm down I still have a bit of fun with mine and then I did a speech at Oakland university I had a lot of very young was very cross with me and they could put what he defends people then I said what is the Democrats in the battle to the place itself so what the defense people that may not have to change it this something fast she written about you it's that I. N. fist inside that boom in glove and that's why we love you'll stop at let's let's talk about what's going on because I think there's some analogies things happening in the U. K. two here in the U. S. let's let's talk about political correctness and I think it's connected to brexit V. reassertion of the people's will the idea that faceless elites get to decide about the will of the American people or the British people all of that started that that rejection began in seventeen plus million people voting to leave the European Union amongst the UK's voters how are things doing with brexit Julia and do you think when it comes to the broader issues of political correctness that the good guys are winning definitely I have to say that the Brexiters sixteen is still one of the best moments of my life when I wake up to that result I put that up there with the waiting their models of the Boeing that's amazing some of the places people just say I haven't been told reporter he didn't because of the power that did not exist it's a terrible idea whilst keeping the media taken the liberty can races anything any anything basically called a circus the British people in I think what the thought process thank you very much well I'm not the biggest people stop and they fulfilled three to hold it for you we have to fight for the case to to more general elections president of the referendum European elections you were my good friend Nigel follows having to make the point that the the British people who voted for brexit wandering away I'm I think the British people the lights that they could fix their muscles and yeah but the they stop us moving beyond it could be across much one stop it but ultimately we do still live in a democracy and the people want and the people held I don't anticipate news we will not put up with the fighting all will you will do what we said I'm going to go ahead and we finally got away and thirty first of January I was in parliament square you think this sounds old Big Bend balding and make your speech on the stage with the the fireworks going off and it was wonderful I need to send that that that old old of all nations all people power of not letting your class in Brussels tell us what the left is on how you are going to get a treat the next few months according to vice the next few years the brexit and then I think it's amazing featurette what about those who really I mean I was horrified by the level of resistance it wasn't just a we know one political party it was many people in the house of Commons it was the house of lords it was lonely as it was businessmen it was media types other of those people surrender junior or do you have to keep your you know your head on a stick and you know what tools six and make sure that they're not on the mining the will of the people every time we thought we were on the table keep coming back Alexander is coming out of the mix and really are but we we don't take the battle field up to twenty sixteen referendum thinking well okay everyone's going to accept the graphic but it's disabled for that would abide by the day because I believe it was the result they wanted to undertake before Jesus and bureaucrats and civil servants have these lawyers judges everyone along the way and I think we not gonna make that mistake this time bearing on the thirty first of January we did actually legally lead you will actually have to have another referendum to get pick up back in now and business people like victims of that inside St but yeah they'll still people would be trying to see uses a credit card without brexit well we wouldn't have to gauge the Asians who was being transition period the end of this year on new year's eve this year we are supposed to finally start a whole new relationship right now you too that is the same as the world's not required to do it and they're going to fight tooth and nail until the thirty first of December we we we kept up with cuts off food could be kept hostage he kept all of the old and the we'll go to find the true way ready to fight as I have a way to doing Holly bro talk radio in the U. K. last minute laugh we are with you Julia we have Lawrence fox on the show a week ago he was superb in the U. K. are you are you winning the overall war against the political correct count who wish to circumvent and wish to circumscribe your use of certain words I think was beginning to look I think it was beginning to recognize the fact that that is a factor that needs to be for that if you see people on Twitter saying stupid things most people don't think masses but now I think a lot of people realize the disease that should be on the positive verbal fascism but you're trying to take a world language and I think we ought to take away the facts don't come for expanded to become a talking about fake news when someone says to you you know that hi at a trans woman is a woman or a trans man is a man and you know men have periods that men can have babies I would say that you go from there and we and we always encourage whatever treatment people can identify as anything they won't buckle white gold the idea that your children are born with a biological sex which is a leading front bench and the opposition labor party to get two to three weeks get we haven't a moment my I'm willing Orwellian black is white always he this is a life sentence because I need to stand up for what he knows to be true because once you've got the full committee how people can use what you know to be true all those people to be called full George Orwell wrote it all down in nineteen forty eight transcribed data eighty foreign seems like sometimes we're living in I love the way she phrased that have led to quite so succinctly put but she nailed it it is a form of verbal fascism and that's why she's empress Julia Hartley brewer follow her on Twitter at Julia H. B..

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