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The next off season were jump. This is where we ask about the sophomore quarterbacks the second year guys will they have a software will they take jump in their second year. So mike t let's keep it right there with jalen hurts slump or jump. Well i thought maybe it was going to be slumped. But let's go with jump now disappears on what we saw last say again. There were a couple of big drops if he gets the ball down the field. This can be a significant job especially if first round pick the monte smith is healthy. This season booger joe. Borough number one pick last year. He ended the season injured slump or jump in his sophomore season. I'm going jump jump. How high is the question. i think. Now you bring in dramatic change. You give him a little time. They come back and feel comfortable in the pocketed injury. I think the sky's the limit for joe. I think the bingles are gonna make a lot of noise in the afc north to the afc. Mike t to tunnel by loa second year slump or jump. This is a job for a couple reasons. It's another year off of major surgery and the dolphins did a good job. They went out. They got will fuller from houston. Who could really run. And then they took jalen waddell arguably the most explosive receiver in this year's draft the combination. Those three things should make him a lot better this year. Finally book the guy that had the best year the offensive rookie of the year. Just in herbert of the chargers slump or jump did. This is a jump out of the gym. This is like this is against my new goal when you throw it. That's how they just up. Here's the thing that surprises people when you see justin her but he's a giant man. You don't realize how big this kid is. His arm is electric. I think the charges are going to surprise a lot of people especially.

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