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Asks the robot but they were only answered by the howling win She looked down at her heavily. Armored mining robot chances and saw her model number k. e. three k. d. three k three set katie. Three reporting for duty t. Nobody heard that katy three worked very hard for two whole years and that brings us back to our present and so she went into the very bedrock of what if world and as you may know from our recent stories the center of what is a place where all kinds of ideas can pop out income to life without warning I expected to find asteroid instead. There is a bob their babble several more bibles. These bubbles suddenly shot up through the crack. In what if owned. But they didn't quickly pop like most bubbles instead they stayed low to the ground shining and searching bubbles. What are you looking for bob. Wells were over guys. Andy one here speak bobble around on of i think big double word of doing the bubble language. There was a little shining chunk of a strange crystal right next to the spot where katie three had just drilled did not understand you up word to mobile in my in your journeys you have been stuck underground for hundred up years. According to my scan their own crystal bowl would've been through the universe. You you are. The last asteroid need to bring you to app kiss. Stare will be a catastrophe. Do not only to be worried about their own. We're due to you own gold neat damn nar kiddies. I would. they want to do that. Where you never seen kiddie papa mubarak bower once they're they just canes poor babbel's on oh porky and so katie three and that asteroid launched a plan so wild that as i tell this story to you now. I still have no idea what it is yet meanwhile back at advocates workshop. He opened his closet door to find all his crystal balls. Were gone his the meaning of the explanation for that said. Joe fluffy cat also known as jfk will crash my crystal ball's again for your own amusement crashing them. Yes for my own amusement. Well also yes but it actually was having a as this time what purpose could possibly serve. Well you know that whole in the middle of what if weld. That was several stories ago. I'm sure it's been worked out by now. No you can't just forget about problems. And hope they wack themselves out so i had to take your crystal balls and throw them into the whole. Fill it up. You couldn't have dried dead or rocks. Are there well. There were lots of people the red per they were all using the dead. Ed rocks really plus the magic of the balls Effectively sealed the hole in the whale. Shot last you know. The magic is always an air tight. Excuse for anything eight It is yeah. So i knew that it was bad. Jack was at about breaking figs oppose. I should be grateful to you for saving the world. But now i have a senior crystal bowl all i think one is presently floating towards us. Crystal balls don't float it does shimmer rather like one but it wasn't crystal ball at all. It was a bubble that had slipped out from that crack in the bedrock of what if world and as it flew through the open window of advocacy workshop. It didn't head toward the wizard. Sewri crystal ball or bubalo. Whatever you are. As much as i want to pop you would be rude to do it in front of abacus probably just wage into lie. Go out joe. This is where you come up with. Snarky response witty. Rejoinder perfectly punishing pun. What's going on here. I think you need to work on your annunciation time. Pathak ponds meow. I'm pretty literally being catnapped. But you still sound like you're behind the foot of glass or perhaps bubble. I suppose grow back to work as advocates bent over his magical workshop table. Joe joe fluffy hat floated back out the window trapped inside a bubble that had eaten him. Always knew it would end this way. Well all i guess all. I better take a nap. Gotta think more pawns. The bubble that it he joe joe floated farther up into the sky pudding. tabby pause on abacus where it was headed. Who could say. Hey what would become a j. f. Cap your guess is as good as mine. workshop that. Don't worry they delegate the we will. We are very good plan working out a great brand this whole dr okay. Katie three asteroid. We're ready to hear your playing. Oh we thought you were coming up with it no reader. Are you wonder where i was doing. The scene with advocates and joe. Joe you were supposed to be coming up with a plan but we got as far as jobs sticks chopsticks jobs but you don't have any chopsticks no but maybe they would have been helpful as narrator usually have made. I've just hearing about the chopsticks. Aw would you look at that. There's hundreds of bubbles with cats trapped inside and they're floating higher up into the sky goading getaways land on their feet. They do from there. Two hours really. They are at three thousand feet. Are you a robot. I m programmed tube your own measure it. Okay i will get out manager and so katie. Three in the asteroid tried to measure up into the sky until they realized.

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