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And welcome into the kilcoyne conversation. This particular visit is with bob costas. We always joke somebody who needs no introduction and then we read their whole resume and where they've worked and what awards they've won i think with bob. We just leave it at that. He needs no introduction but the focus here and this is not to get bob on his take on the blues. Power play or the cardinals cleanup hitter. It's real specific in something that you sort of been on my brain about good interviews. You see people walking around with their headphones in their listening to podcasts or downloading long-form interviews and even though the world's changing and media's changing it's still about conversation and it's still about great interviews great subjects and i thought bob was the perfect person to talk about that. His friendship with larry king used to challenge each other in terms of their interview skills. even david letterman a non traditional interviewer but his particular style. Getting bob's take on that. And some fun anecdotes. About how he. I on the late show with letterman trying to get jack. Nicholson to do a halftime interview on the nba during the nba finals and all of us in tv or radio. You feel like you've been asked to do a tough assignment like oh i don't really wanna do it but the bosses are big on this. How about bob's nbc. Bosses saying go. Ask jack nicolson sitting courtside. There had to be a bulls blazers. Nba finals in chicago. How about being asked to go as jack nicholson to come on the set at halftime to yuck it up. Jack nicholson doesn't do tv interviews. Think about that. Never and bob was set. It's a very funny story He was sent on that assignment also his worst interview that he can recall from his time at later. How it was tremendously painful yet. Joe torry called him from the road hotel room with the cardinals to say he thought it was hilarious. So some great anecdotes with bob and the whole story backdrop to this interview is about people conducting great interviews in fact after it was over. Probably my fault for not drawing this out but after we were done recording the interview bob shared a story about david letterman. Being a fan of bob's radio show kost coast to coast which for decades was on sunday nights. You'd hear it on cam. Lex in saint louis but long form the mickey mantles of the world. And you'd spend an hour with these guests. But apparently letterman had been a fan of that listening to it and mentioned his nbc bosses. Hey you know kostas. Does these long-form interviews a sports guy. But i bet he can interview anybody. And bob thinks and believes that that was the genesis of him getting asked to do the tv show later. Which has he points out still lives on youtube. You can find some great interviews. I need to in fact. I didn't do this yet. Bob said there's a youtube video. When letterman was the guest on later but nonetheless it's all about interview style whether you're mike. Wallace larry. king or oprah winfrey. It's very different but the conversation today as it as it turns out is about conversation as strange as.

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