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The pressures of touring and continually pushing artistic boundaries had created deep tensions. When the time came to record a new album, Paul McCartney suggested they rediscover the process that United them best four musicians sang live. It was funny because in a way they wanted me to do the thing that was the traditional role within the group, which is I think we'll do this. This is a great time. Since the death of their manager the previous year pool had taken on the role of leader. Creating projects to keep the bound together despite the other three spending more time working on their solo projects. It's very difficult. If you get that role, which is like sort of producers role, but within a group it's difficult because democracy in a group. And if you say, I think we should do this, obviously, a group per se lie don't, and this is why most groups break up you get this lightning stupid. It had been over two years since the Beatles had quit touring because of the pressures of life on the road. And none of the other three we're interested in pool suggestion nowhere. We should we should sit organizer career now. Get on career together, Ringo was bored. George couldn't see the point and John had already talked about leaving the group poll pushed ahead and he hired Michael Lindsay Hogg to fill the band rehearsing and recording the album while preparing for a live show Paul had thought as well as planning and television special what we should do is shoot documentary material. So that before the TV special went out there, be half are documentaries. The Beatles at work. Really making a film now. Even though the Beatles had acted in their films in hard day's night and help they went actors they were musicians unindo positive vision. And for them to be filmed doing something intimate like trying to make a record probably started out as kind of irksome for them. During rehearsals, the Beatles began discussing places to fill the proposed concert Ringo suggested performing at the cavern club in Liverpool as a tribute to their original fans. Michael was keen for the Beatles to consider something more extravagant. I'd heard about an amphitheater on the coast of Tunisia. And I thought if we went to the sample theater, which was two thousand years old. And so at all that sense of the stones bevelled by the sands of time and the music would go out across the desert, and then across the desert, lured by the music would come whatever world, but it takes all outweighs of. What was the gimmick? What is it because he just you know, God's the gimme. Adventured, isn't it? This was the time, and it's just on the Middle East, and you're gonna go that on the Bose as well, let's do relevant. It starts with a load of people that show two things. This is a pretty catchy idea. And so did Paul and John and Yoko thought it also is a good idea perhaps because they wanted to get out of Twickenham and they were up for an adventure. While John and Ringo slowly warm to the concert suggestion. George became so upset that he quit the band. But after three days, he agreed to return on the condition that the group film in the studios, they had built in the offices of this shed company in Mayfair nuns, most upmarket district's seat. Leaving the apple studios helped but the atmosphere still tense. They were distracted by apple. But more than that they were distracted by money. Money was starting to hemorrhage one of the interesting things about them at that time is they wear fracturing that what had been a cohesive group of thrillingly talented friends was starting to break up while Michael was filming lots of studio footage. He was still keen to capture a live performance to provide the conclusion he wanted. Why said you wouldn't go to Tunisia for the show? I saw George bridal thinking about on the show ideas gonna come back. And I said why don't we do it on the roof? And so after lunch. We went up to the roof and had a look around and thought maybe with some cameras could be like, and so we sort of thought. Yeah. Well, we sure we could do this the concert was planned for January the twenty ninth. But it was raining. So it was postponed to the following day. Everything's ready to go except the Beatles. Went ready to go George didn't really want to do it and Ringo said told up the S, what's the point?.

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