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It weird with the home. I hope this episode finds you healthy and relatively sane I know it's a wild and crazy wet Steve Martin. It's a crazy time all all kidding aside. It's a crazy time. I hope you are saying. And I hope this wonderful conversation with Patton oswalt, the delightful, Patton oswalt, who's new special out now on that flex? Is a nice respite. And a nice break as it was for me to have some laughs and some connection, it's a little bit shorter. Than Usual episode because Patton was in the middle of a a press. I don't know what you want. Blitz oppress blitz, so he only had an hour for us. I think we went a little bit over which was fun and very sweet of him. But it's it short, but when you have a great guests like patent, we hit all. We got it all, and it's wonderful episode and I'm looking forward to you hearing it all episodes as usual or brought to you. Our Friends at Charlotte's Web Charlotte's Web dot com slash weird and Promo Code keep it crispy. Nineteen will get you ten percent off. I highly recommend. The calm. gummy is perfectly dosed, sweet, delicious gummy with CD in it from our friends at Charlotte's Web I got a few tweet, saying the link wasn't working I think it has been fixed, so please get some and show you support of the podcast speaking of showing your support of the podcast. We have a lot of Pete's picks on this episode including the one that's. That's been keeping me alive during the quarantine and getting the nutrition that it's hard for me to get as I. I don't know if you're like me, but I haven't been going to the grocery store. As much is coach Uva. CATAVA is a plant based born in the jungle superfood drink mix that is a loaded with nutrient rich superfoods that have been revered by tribal cultures for centuries. What I always point people to. If they want to try and eat more plant based, but they don't know where to start. Also a lot of people eat it because it's a good meal replacement keeping you full for four or five hours, which is completely true I can say for me personally you drink it. It's healthy. It's low calorie, and it keeps you full for a long time, so people see health benefits, obviously from that I drink it and love it and make smoothies with it and drink it on its own water, which is unbelievable that it's good enough that it's good in just water, because it gets me high from all the.

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