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Standby for new Soviet until you the morning on ninety seven point one. Wash FM chilly what's in our info to? Go right now President Trump rejecting bipartisan criticism of his summit with Russian. President Vladimir Putin I Trump said that as the world's two, largest nuclear powers Russia and the US must get along a during a press conference with Putin Trump tried to cast more doubt on Russian interference in the twenty. Sixteen presidential election. So nationals outfielder Bryce Harper won the. All star home run derby with an exceptional display of, power, carried him pass Kyle Schwartz of, the Chicago Cubs nine thousand nine hundred eighteen in. The final round. Total was five you, said you said exceptional, display of power I would call that righteousness lay changes are going to be made. To. Downtown DC intersection after a cyclist was killed there, this past month transportation officials say that four parking spaces on m street near the intersection with New Hampshire Avenue have been removed and the sidewalk is going to. Be widened their. To improve visibility for drivers making that. Right turn across the bike claim and some researchers are, now, saying that there might be no, limit to how long humans can live these scientists. Figure out that. The risk of death, levels off after the, age of one hundred five creating what they call eight mortality plateau so it seems. That. Oh if you can make it to one hundred, and five there's a chance that you could beat the odds and long as you want Kay how. Many people really are making it to one oh you have to do is get to one hundred and five while look technology you don't know what they're making down the street at age that we don't know about or up at in. I I'm just saying, well, if I'm living to one hundred five than I want, the loved ones around me to live that long to start.

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