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Last year Robertson made sixty nine appearances for the Yanks when aided three with a three point two three ERA. He's earned one hundred thirty seven saves in this eleven big league campaigns and the chance for him to potentially close games in Philly figured into his decision hockey is making five straight wins. They outlasted the Blackhawks three two in overtime. Devante. First NHL goal ended the game at one forty eight of OT SE cashed in a rebound, Robin, Leonard kicked out nineteen shots for the wave. And the netminder has been impressed by the neophyte tapes, really happy for him. We needed a win win. I go. I started off this first game. He played I think he looks really good Matt bars. L score the other two goals for New York. He's got eight in his last six games, the Rangers and devils were off the devils gave coach John Heinz a multi year contract extension. NBA the Nixon nets Rydell that a couple of key games. The Spurs all over the raptors one twenty five to one zero seven spoiling Kawhi Leonard Richard to San Antonio. He scored twenty one points in defeat. Former raptor, demar derozan recorded his first career triple double. And how about James harden of the rockets his fifth straight forty point game in this case, forty four with ten rebounds and fifteen assist as the rockets outlasted the warriors at overtime one thirty five to one thirty four. The uconn women's basketball team has the regular season winning streak halted at one hundred twenty six. Number one huskies losing to number eight Baylor sixty eight fifty seven it's their first setback in the regular season since November of twenty fourteen as for the men soups, Saint Peter's, sixty five to sixty oversee Quinnipiac actor gap Manhattan, sixty three fifty nine I own all over Monmouth one zero three eighty four rider, Fairfield eighty three eighty to.

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