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Officials say fireworks injured more than one hundred thirty people in kansas over the week of the fourth of july the kansas department of health and environment says the injuries were reported by emergency departments throughout the state sedgwick county had the most injuries with thirty eight followed by shawnee county with eighteen doug english county was seven sumner county was six five injuries reported in reilly buffalo and johnson counties and the before each wyandotte and selene counties several other counties had three or fewer sixty three percent of those injured were male nearly half of the victims were seventeen or younger the agency's chief medical officer dr greg laken says the injuries were mostly preventable and showed that greater care needs to be taken when handling fireworks steve mcintosh knx news kansas councilwoman faces felony charges for biting a law enforcement officer huron city councilwoman carol fowler was taken into custody june twentyninth after apparently failing to appear for a warrant the police say she fought back reportedly kicking and scratching cops had to use a stun gun atkinson cabbie sheriff jack laurie says once jailed the forty eight year old fowler bid down so hard on an officers thumb she broke the bone she's now facing three felony charges she remains locked up on twenty five thousand dollars bond the cow county's website also still shows fowler listed as a council member jeff monosso fox news not much change the forecast for the next couple of days mostly clear overnight seventy five for a low tonight as well as thursday night sunshine hot again on thursday daytime highs ninety eight the same goes for friday skies are mostly clear in wichita eighty four degrees k and s ss news now i'm dan o'neill for coverage twenty four seven listen to knx s.

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