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This is what cook you. I'm brooke shelley and thanks for listening this week. I'm talking to greg vanney. Whose newest middle grade weird kid will be out on july the twentieth. And so in this episode. Greg get into some of his early. Inspirations as far as the books that he was really into and how he came to write great and what is involved and then so really enjoyed talking. Great so listening. So greg what book hooked you. Well When when. I knew that i was going on. This podcast was kind of fun. 'cause i could actually give some thought to what books hooked me and there were a lot of really quality books bottom might talk about like Wizard of earth see by Win or big classics. That everybody's read like the hobbit but to be honest with myself. I felt like what really is the one that I talk about most in my life when i'm reminiscing. And it's the last son of krypton by elliot s magon. So i did a little digging into the history of this book. So elliott's magon was a writer at dc comics throughout the seventies and in the early eighties. Which is when. I started reading comics. And he had around nineteen seventy four written a treatment for what he hoped would be a superman movie. He hoped he gets right. Superman movie as it turned out. That assignment got handed to mario puzo. Of course if the godfathers ignatz elliott has nagy was sad so he took his treatment to the offices upstairs. Dc comics and executive said like well. Aren't you just ride up as a novel and we'll put it out. Because i guess that's how decisions were made back. Then it was just the guy at a desk s- probably smoking a cigar drinking a lunchtime cocktail out. Just put it out as a novel. He did that he wrote it up as a novel It came out The same day that superman the motion picture Was released and the way it's packaged it. Christopher reeve is on the cover The version of the logo. They use the superman. Logo is the same one used in the movie. So i don't really recall this. But i probably picked it up. Thinking was a secret man. Novelization i was big into media tian's at the time they were probably my introduction to science fiction the star wars books splinter. Of the mind's eye by alan dean foster allotted star trek books. I had access to old paperback novelization. The original planet of eight smoothies..

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