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Even if it was to be the backup because they feel like cabinet could do well with an offense like this he has the weapons round him and he's got a good running back and if you remember in san francisco when he was playing well he did have good receivers round we had crabtree and yet for in gore in that offensive line was just amazing and he had a good defense was pretty much just like that team but they won't back maguire in hanoi he did a play for bill obrien of penn state so it does make sense but what did like seeing ali calling cabinet get a get get a shot over here bump he didn't so get a move on from that and then pure goes garzon he's alpher the year with a neck injury i believe the niners placed on i are i think he was wednesday yeah wednesday the place them on i are actually might have been thursday can remember exactly but days on ira for the rest of the season's up the forty nine is really don't have too many receiving options i mean be hurt pearson was by far the best an i really think that i don't think that how shanta should have jimmy garoppolo go out there they don't have a good team around him yelling have carlos hide by jimmy garoppolo has not wanted to throw to announce i feel like the she gis actually probably throw men for the last few games have learned the playbook allow more and and see how he does with what he has out there so and that's what they should do with him but uh josh gordon finally reinstated had i mentioned on the last podcast by michael will be more indepth in this one now he's reinstated i'm really happy for him i remember when he was playing you may brandon we didn't look like a decent quarterback in that's pretty difficult to do nothing i said earlier for receiver it takes a good quarterback to help them but a josh gordon next the makes them.

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