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Television go and watch Cowboys aronie fight if you've never seen a fight. This is the guy with the most wins and you'll see history twenty one he just did that you passed saint-pierre, Michael Michael biffing on the all time record list. He's going back out hundred fifty five pounds for the first time three years. What he wants to do is. He wants to win this fight against a young kid, Hernandez diners have okay? And then throwing really wants to call out Connor McGregor. That is that he wants. I'm not sure if he'll get that. But if you like Conor McGregor. Call outs like entertaining fighters cowboy we'll give that to your Saturday. But why why should let me stick with you right there for a second. What should we be interesting to see Kana against anybody outside of the mega meadow of after the beatdown he took his head off. Well, actually, what you just said. I don't wanna see that fight again right away. It was it was not close. It was one sided. There's a lot of good names at a hundred and fifty five pounds light weight vision or other people that I would want to see how how be for years when when Connor was holding the Dell hostage and he was going away. And he was doing boxing beep that across conferences, and you said when I went to title and doing that I am going to be the type of champion takes on. All comers. I'm to get this sport back to the sport get away from this attracts, and so far he's been Aligarh on that. You know, he jumped over the cage basing suspension he's talking about boxing Mayweather. But as a fight fan. I'm telling you a that is not the fight that we need to see next not Conor McGregor. And even if we can see it someday down the road Connor has other fights take on you could fight a Holloway could fight Donald Cowboys thrown and you could find us poor and how other takers other title contenders alight way that you need to address..

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