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Usual gang of misfits, and dope. Addicts are here. Unloaded scott. So good. Well, yeah, I well he still does probably love his. I don't I knew who that was. But I don't recall hearing that song that was not the version of the play. It's was really good. There's a better version of it. I thought this was the better version. But I forgot. Where is the other one? It's bilingual Blanco. This is Danny often solo album. Yeah. I like that. Where he did some songs just by himself. He liked prince? And but yeah, there's a boy go version of it. That is better than met more band. Got yeah, it's got more harmonies and more horns, and we got sounds good. Of course we could have played good a play. Pro call harem today the key, the keyboards for pro call harem and, and they are they were all about the, you know, the whiter shade of pale. They were all about the, the keyboard in that in most of their songs Francis Rossi's birthday today. Status-quo pictures of matchstick men, which is really is a song by van Beethoven, by the who actually and I think it was the who and then they, but they did they did it under the gave it to the status quo, and Pete Townsend had something to do with Mike precarious birthday thing. God, we didn't do any total. Larry Blackman's birthday today. There was there was really no discussion today cameo. No, no, we, we went right to Danny hell no simple mines. We could have done all these no iron maiden blaze. Bayley no knowl- Gallagher can go to hell. I don't care. He is God, no away says it's Mel B's birthday today. Papa Roach hives, but no, no, no, no. La- Toya Jackson. There were many Jews from, but we didn't even talk about it. Just went, Danny elfin. I want to hear the boy, I need to find it. I don't think I have it here on my ipad. I think I have it on a CD at home. The name of that song is only makes me laugh. Yeah. I, I probably have heard it by. Boing boing. Version is a better version. I just I. Anyway, we're gonna we're gonna do some more coming up for the potty party. Nope, not for discussion new. Oh, don't even Bill. Like I like something off of the have not heard in a very long time like something off of the, with the last album. We played some stuff off of. And I can't put my my finger on any of the songs. But if you mentioned a couple, I would know it was a really good album. But it didn't take. No, it didn't last Boyne go out last one that we kind of got and it was just they called themselves. Boing go time. Yeah. But I can't remember that the tracks. But there were some really good ones. I can see the cover. Yeah. Me too. In my head. Well, anyhow. I suppose. We ought to start the show insanity. We played sanity. Yeah. What are some of the other songs on there? That's the only one I recognize. Hey Mary, Mary, we played as good. Yeah. They're, they're all good. They're just tender lump flings. There are there's a children's chorus used a lot on that insanity. It's long. It's like eight minutes long. Well, anyway. Let's start the show officially already. Well. Listen. Usually the driver behind that. If you wanted to spend a long, go ahead. Ginger ticket to warm up. We don't have all day. Okay. This is this genus warm day. That's what the show will be. Yeah. She'll finally get in gear maybe. So I I'm getting tired of waking up an hour early. Why are you waking have no idea before your alarm clock? Yes. And then I can't go back to sleep. And so I just ended up getting up at night. Here's what I've learned. I can't stand that is that I get up when Ripley gets up. And if I do that I sleep better, because she will get up at like eleven thirty to potty, go potty. And if I get up and go potty then that I'm guaranteed. I'm asleep. Great. Till three wait, you get up at eleven. Yeah. Must be nice. Because I go to bed at seven because I have a job that requires me to be. Yeah. That's what I I go to bed at eight last night. I went to bed. I go to bed at eight, and then I wake I usually wake up around eleven thirty. So so you don't need to send Ripley over. I should. Maybe I'm on her wavelength. She she gets up. And she shakes and I hear her tags. I need to get up your prostate checked should. When you get up, you should go pee in the yard like I do go all the way outside. All right. Out the window can do it from across the room, really impressive. No kidding. No screens in his house apparently. The bugs in. Out. All right. Let's, let's get this. I have no idea three words. Three words or less. Have, you know, your ready, you call eight seven seven six two nine six nine six let us know that you want us to do show that you're out there. You're, you're anxious. You're, you're you're with us for the rest of the week. At least you're, you're here and we're here and genus here. Eight seven seven six zero two nine six nine six intelligent, three words, or less. How do you know you're ready? All right. All that's on the way things must go all kinds of stuff going on today. So stand by for all of that grove dot CO slash X nine six. Now, the.

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