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Going to go forward this bitch on her story. I'm sorry this this lady. I kind of like her her leo tattoo but she has a whole story of her being tattooed. And i'm sitting here like you know. If you had just taught theresa do this you could. You could save some money because you know you into him doing these things but she also has up in our story wait. Let me get this. I'm supposed to seek validation with my life from your mother fuckers. I don't know who got it. And i'm like but ma'am you are public looking at her pictures and a few things one. She looks very young. She looks very very young to all of her picture. She has a really nice like she has nice thighs. And a nice zeke. Well she and she's he's she's taking pictures. That are what we used to call her. Straps snow seems like she's out there like you said for the attention like one hundred percent. She she's our dominican. Leo allegedly several others. I could list. I'll go look for that list. I literally will search for any other dominican woman who is leo and i mean i don't know if she was getting these Getting these numbers in her. You know these numbers as far as her pictures or whatnot before tirees for shirt down. Maybe she's just you know caught up in the rapture of of being in this relationship and having notoriety because of him and and because of what she's already doing but yeah so you know it's really funny now. We're all old enough to remember how res made it a point to rail against plastic surgery. Make up in here. And i'm looking at his choice of girlfriend and i'm like yes. This is why. I know y'all full of shit y'all full of shit. Stop this. y'all full of shit on the why y'all be is seen a bonus internet line like a bunch of niggers that lie..

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