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So not going to my own horn. But I have one money in the last three or four weeks. I wanted all last week ever since I started ripping on you you've been on a roll. So I think you should share some buddy I have been I have bins. Anyways. We're going to give you one player to start one player to sit. Again, it could be from either team. I know last week. I said do not start Jarvis Landry. If. If you did. And you didn't listen to me you got screwed because he didn't do anything. So Brian let's start with who you want to start in fantasy football. Let you go. First. What player you starting in this matchup? All right. You know, this is a complete cop-out, but I'm going Justin Tucker here. And here's the reason she read time the Pittsburgh Steelers play this team outcomes, Justin Tucker, and he hits three or four. He doesn't miss against the Pittsburgh Steelers. You can be in like a hurricane you bring out number nine against the Steelers. He's gonna mail one from sixty if he gets the opportunity I hate him so much that I'm starting the love 'em. This guy is that good. And I've been trying to win money off of this guy. I don't mind playing him any chance I get in the leagues that I have. And I know how you mentioned Jeff that it might not be for you know, your regular weekly fantasy football. But I pay attention to these talks that we have here. And if. I put Jarvis Landry on my badge. The other day when I thought he was going to be a sure start. And so I thank you for that. Because now that I know you're the guru. I'm going to start listening to you. But so yeah, you know, what Justin Tucker you're going to get from ably. I would say you're going to north of tan, the probably get about twelve thirteen maybe fifteen points out of this guy. And when we talk about my prediction later on in the game. It's going to be a lot of field goals on the Baltimore side of the game. And if you think back to week four was that final score twenty six to fourteen. So it was fourteen nothing that all of a sudden nothing but field goals in the second half for that team. And that's how they put it away on the leg of Liga trot. Now, if you're a fan Commissioner like myself, I don't have kickers in my league. I don't feel like kickers are worthy of even owning a spot in fantasy football. So I put it in another flex player because that's more fun. That's more entertaining. But if you're in a traditional league, and you have Justin Tucker listened to that guy guess so anyway, you know, what you're right game. Handle too. Yeah. Other fans. Matchup. Right. But in my in my league that you're in. I don't have kickers but winning game winning kicks can get you more fifty plus yards. Get you more. He's got a big leg. I understand what you're saying. I I agree with you. I just in my league, it doesn't. The kickers. They're just caters. You're anti kicker, and we can't pretty much you have one job. Just go kick frigging. So you won't put Tucker like years from now you won't put him in the hall of fame. Behemoth that extra points now. You're interested in deserve fame. And you're not gonna miss he missed that kick again with the Vikings. Yeah, kick. Nope. Us get out. Okay. Let's go give you my player to watch. I could go do, but I'm not going to and I'm actually. I'm actually tempted to start this dealers defense because it would be really cheap in a Faneuil league in. I think they're going to come to play. I think they were embarrassed last time, I think they're healthier this time. But if I'm going to give you a lock I'm gonna go dig Ben because Ben Rothlisberger. He's a quarterback. That's for Fanta leagues. He's going to be probably third or fourth on your list..

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