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Of the galaxy could make the new service appealing to teenagers and adults bad news for hamilton fans in britain the london opening of the hit musical has been pushed back promoters said friday the official opening they will be december 21st following previews that begin on december six the show had been expected to open in late november but has been delayed by renovation works of the victoria pows peter theater owner and hamilton coproducer cameron mackintosh said restoring these story building is taken more time than expected and he's sorry to change the performance schedule producer jeffery sellars of those with tickets to shows that have been cancelled we'll be accommodated other dates as quickly as possible bracing for armagh i'd tim mcguire with an afp newsman a hurricane specialist john cangelosi and his colleagues at the national hurricane center are still waiting for hurricane normally to take that expected turned to the north as it heads towards florida their forecast now calling for the center of the massive storm the pass over the florida keys in slam into the southwest corner of the state he call he says see strong storm surge will cause big problems for both were predicting april twelve feet of storm surge in some parts of south florida and five ten feet in some parts of the florida keys cangelosi says erma has top sustained winds of one hundred fifty five miles an hour and could gain strength before hitting florida sunday meaning the win could cause massive damage one of the things we have on our fight in florida that construction's really good posed andrew uh but this will certainly that more than five million people are in the hurricane warning area long both the gulf and atlantic coasts of south florida i'm tim mcguire sure a giant image of star wars character princess leia has been cut into a cornfield in evansville indiana jeremy global design the maize and february more than a month after carrie fisher's death in december as a way to honour her he planted at this spring using a gps device the the is now mature and his trails outlined the star wars characters base distinctive hair style and part of her upper body the may is a global farms is open to.

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