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Which takes us back to the 19 eighties, and it's written, directed and produced by Edward Bronze, So that's next, So keep it right here. We're not just in smart speakers were in a couple of smart ears as well. Okay, fine and K. O S. T. H d to Los Angeles Orange County live everywhere on the younger radio laugh. Another vaccination spot. I'm Claude. It's defined in life from the KO Phi 24 hour news room. Orange County has opened its second covert 19 vaccine super site, the location at Sochi University. And Alisa Vallejo opened this morning. The site is expected to be especially convenient for seniors in the area, including those at the Laguna Woods Village Retirement Community. The first mega vaccination site in the county opened last week at Disneyland. Seven months after the first protests and riots Seattle police chief Adrian DS has announced a new plan to crack down on protests who trashed the city. The chief says the goal is to prevent future property destruction by arresting and prosecuting those who caused damage during protests. DEA says the new policy will be especially hard on people who have been arrested for vandalism multiple times. Protest has been planned a state parole board Panel has recommended pro for Bruce Davis, a one time Manson family follower who was convicted for killing two people in 1969. Davis is now 78 has been recommended for parole six other times. Three governors have reversed those recommendations. Most recently, Governor Newsome blocked Davis's release in November of 2019. He L. A County Fire department says the rain is going to make it easy for people to get swept away in waterways. Water levels in our flood control channels will begin to rise, creating dangerous conditions. This is because the water is not only cold, but it also moves at a deceptively fast pace. Firefighters have been doling out this advice. Stay out and stay alive. They say people should call 911 if they see anyone trapped in a channel instead of jumping in the water to help. Health experts have encouraged people to double up on facemasks. ABC is what Johnson says to face masks are especially recommended when a person has to be in a crowd. The best mask is still the end 95, but those air generally reserved for health care workers, so they are recommending alternatives that you can find on online retailers. The bottom line, the more layers the better. Researchers say the best combo for the general public is to wear a surgical mask underneath a class. Excuse me a cloth face mask. The CDC says nearly 40 million doses of the cove in 19 vaccine have been distributed across the country. As of yesterday, more than 19 million of those doses have been administered, the agency says. Most people have only gotten the first does more than two million people have already received. Both Check in with Brian for a look at the five an allusion park. This is on the five North.

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