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Everything heard just about every story about at guerrilla poem. We talked to him in the first half hour of our program a few hours ago, and it was kind of spooky some of things you were telling us first off, you know, anybody who's gone on main street through shock. Bottom has probably driven by this house. It stands out because it's diminutive, and it is an old stone house. Is it true that this is saying it on the air? So hope it's this really is the oldest surviving structure in Richmond from the seventeen hundred. No, Saint John's church is a little bit older. Oh, really? There's also a place just off a four still avenue just past jank that's a little bit older. The house were an untimely. Sure. How old it is whatever records from when it was built to been lost over the years. The first insurance record from about eighteen reports seventeen eighty three and by then it wasn't worth anything because it was so old. So people had this legend. In the may was built in the sixteen hundreds but the floorboards that we've dated come to about seventeen fifty four. So it is the only pre revolutionary war house still standing in downtown Richmond. And it's the oldest house still standing in the regional city limits of Richmond. This was lot number thirty two of William birds plan for the city as the city grew out. So and it's got the plaque on the front anybody who's a plaque hunter, I know people that I go out and do things with because I always stop wherever we're going and read plaques to see what history took place there. It's got the plaque on it that you know, rich have seen over the years about that history. And it's labeled as the oldest. It's quality plaque out there at least since the thirties. And it says that the house is built by Jacob in seventeen thirty seven which is pretty miraculous. He didn't move here until seventeen thirty eight. So somebody's got something wrong here. Okay. When did the po- museum, come to this home? Was there a chance that this thing could have been torn down or just collapsed on its own an old Curio shop and antique shop over the years. And I think the only reason it survived is because in the late nineteenth century. There was a big sign up for the at Washington's headquarters, and you could pay to take a tour of the house. We have a guidebook to the house from eighteen ninety four that says that chief peleton built the house Pocahontas got married there. Washington has headquarters there and Patrick Henry has law is all in the same house. That's pretty remarkable famous place in America, then and then some spoilsport around nineteen hundred said, none of that's true Washington wasn't even here during the revolution. And it looked like the house will be demolished around nineteen thirteen but Granville Valentine bought it. And he saved it from destruction. And he gave to the sociation for the preservation geniune equities. It's now preservation Virginia. And they gave it to the poems and the poem it started as early as nineteen oh six they just wanted a statue of poed Richmond. They thought that was a literary great. He's one of America's best known writers around the world, certainly Richmond's best known around the world. And he deserves to be remembered, but the city disagreed, so they didn't get their statue. So in nineteen twenty two ninety six years ago, they opened a Poche Rhine here and everyone thinks Edgar Allan Poe's lived here. But he didn't know his homes in Richmond have been demolished over the years. But the bricks you see in the walkways the walls the benches in the garden came from posed different homes in Richmond and his place of employment. All right. Well when we come back. I wanna ask you about two stories in particular one the demise of PLO and how he died in Baltimore. I think especially as we get closer to this election day a little over a week away. Was he engaged in some sort of weird effort to throw an election? That's why he was so drunk and died I want I'm going to ask you about that plus from the eighties. The boss of Edgar Allan Poe aback was stolen and then miraculously showed up on the front porch of the place. And I just happened to be there that day. I was thinking of seventeen years old. We'll talk about that story along with the rest of the mystery of Edgar Allan Poe and his connection to Richmond. When we return on NewsRadio W via the purpose of the great.

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