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We gotta go to cry. Rosier p. right now, trial therapy cry is my pronouncing dies. Cry. Flash frozen. So this is that you wanna get flash. I, I are you for real. Did you go to cryotherapy high? We'll second of all that. Now you have to stop and explain not audience. He was going to go anyway. Everybody. We were talking about it for a long time. We kept like we were going to do. I had the whole days. What cryotherapy is there be is something that Joel Hodgson told me about. He went on like when we were doing mystery science theater this summer, like after every shoot go, hey man, you want to do some cryotherapy man's pretty cool. You should check it out. Good for your skin health. My back Leros some crazy moons play and have someone kinds of stuff to say about, do it, man. It's the best. So I, I never did it, but I always wanted to try it. And then and the thing that I guess. What do you do? Well, you go into this like shower sized room that is like like. Lots of degrees below zero and you go in there for three minutes and you do jumping jacks, and you get it and what it does is they get it makes your body go into this fighter flight mode where everything is on deck going Jesus Christ. What are you doing? This is trying to kill yourself. This is stupid and it's supposed to bring supposed to be good for your skin, but mostly wake you up and you sleep that yet. Yeah, I know. I know it's probably stupid. But anyway, how much. How much. Much. I did it online..

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