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Day. Listen on the wdbo f or wdbo dot com. Live Team coverage starts now two o'clock and we are following breaking news, the latest on the Tropical Storm. Elsa. Now it's about 100 miles south of 80. Sustained winds of 70 miles an hour. That's just below hurricane strength. Next stop for the storm. Cuba and then Florida, now part of Florida, under a state of emergency, Given Iran to Santa's discovering, declaring areas of the keys to Tampa could feel the storm impact. You're looking at a track that is going to go pass over probably the western portion of Cuba. End up in the Florida Straits and then start impacting Florida with the eye of the storm right now, looking to be on the West side of Florida I want you need in your emergency storm kit. You can find it in the Wdbo hurricane Guide to wdbo dot com and the Wdbo AB Wdbo Orlando turns first for breaking news, weather and traffic. It is going to be a cloudy, wet afternoon across central Florida on this Saturday. I'm Channel nine meteorologist Rusty McRaney. We're all looking at Wdbo Interactive weather, radar and Just a few light showers. For the most part 80 in Orlando, guarding her nest egg continues in a couple of minutes with Alsa threatening plans have been speeded up to demolish at condo that collapsed and Surfside ABC s Trevor Altars in South Florida. It seems that they believe that on top of Preventing hurricane or tropical Storm Elsa from maybe toppling over what's left of the structure. They think that they can bring this down in a controlled manner with explosive charges. They say. They don't think it will be a large footprint so it shouldn't impact the surrounding buildings. Two more bodies were found today. 24 now confirmed dead 124 still unaccounted for. 11 arrests after a tense standoff between law enforcement and a group of armed individuals that shut down part of a busy interstate.

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