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That are inexpensive. I been like thirty dollars worth for like two or three products three products. I am going my promise to you. I'm going to make the wires that right now in one corner of the room, they run wild. And there is a power strip. Slash fomenting loops of a variety of cords and cables and wires. It is an eyesore. Like a giant eyesore? For anyone that has any interest in a kind of calmness to one's living space. So I'm I'm confessing unpromising the same time. No more. We'll see if I can turn the corner on this. I should do it before. And after of this wires relation. I have arrived in my work environ-. And I'm excited about today. This weekend. I will go to a very delightful ball. It's actually like, I think it's more. It's actually more of an after party than ball. But it's also a bowl at the symphony the ballet ball and. I think I can fit into the tux that I own not too often that, but I I I definitely the first the first part of the was just checking to make sure I know where the tux is. And then it's clean check check. And then I'm looking forward to the ball that's tomorrow night. And I'm sure there's some good commentary there. It'd be fun to comment on perhaps I can do this. I've been to this before. And it does not display. Cheers..

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