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Trying to crack down on hazing because my freshman year, we went through a membership review. I know about and I don't know all the reasons for it, but part of that was hazing I mean, I got hazed. So we know like what happens when you do that. The state law passed last year requires all state universities to create hazing committees of students, faculty, and parents to come up with prevention strategies to ensure transparency about hazing incidents and response. The peace corps is asking for help, it's turning to huskies. The University of Washington is number three on a list of top volunteer producing institutions over the past two decades. Only the University of California Berkeley and the university of Wisconsin Madison had more peace corps volunteers. The director says demand for peace corps volunteers is high given setbacks following the COVID pandemic. More than 3100 UW alumni have served abroad as peace corps volunteers since the agency was founded in 1961. A Vancouver Washington company can't keep their momentum as people return to their pre-pandemic routines. Here's northwest news radios, tear le van sized to explain. Nautilus incorporated owns brands like bowflex and schwinn, and they saw their first quarter sales cut in half compared to the same period last year from almost $590 million to 286 million. The Colombian reports nautilus is trying to become profitable again even selling off their own nautilus brand earlier this month. And yet they saw a net loss of a $105 million in their most recent fiscal quarter on a positive note, the Clark county company saw subscriptions increase for their fitness app. Taylor van seiss, northwest news radio. Wednesday morning, a call came in to fish and wildlife officials in kitsap county about a black bear sighting near silverdale elementary school. Como forest Paul Rivera has advice. If you encounter a bear this summer. Besides the forested location, look around that intersection at apex airport and Anderson hill road a bit, and you'll spot a bear paw court. It's another little reminder that while we live here, they do too. It is not uncommon to see them in silverdale as we move into the summer, these encounters may become more common. So when it comes to food, there's a few reminders. Not feeding your pets outdoors or bird feeders are also a common attractant for bears. We advise and encourage folks to weave their garbage cans, for example, in a secure building. And so the morning of trash pickup, if your garbage can is out on the curb, that's a buffet for a black bear to come to come check it out and once that bear is, like I said, habituated to humans and is used to finding that food source, it can become really challenging to get that bear to move on. And kids have county, Paul Rivera. Come on. It's now 1210 and we check your Beacon of plumbing sports desk. We've got sports here with Eric Hines. The Mariners go for a sweep of the visiting Oakland a's tonight. Last night, Bryce Miller held the a's to two hits over 6 shutout innings in a 6 one victory. The M scored 5 times and sent 11 batters to the plate in the fourth inning alone. Managers got services, Logan Gilbert gets the start tonight as the M's go for a four game sweep. It's hard to sweep anybody on a four game series, but got some momentum going, you need to go out and shut them down early and get on this scoreboard again. First pitch is 6 40. The UW huskies must beat USC today or they're eliminated from the PAC 12 baseball tournament. Yesterday they got blasted by the UCLA bruins 17 to four, first pitch is two 30 in Scottsdale, Arizona. Game four of the NHL's Western Conference Finals is tonight, the stars will once again play host to the Vegas golden knights in Dallas, Vegas holds a three to nothing series lead, last night, the Florida Panthers completed the sweep over the Carolina hurricanes and advanced to their first Stanley Cup finals since 1996, and the NBA's Eastern Conference Finals continue tonight. The Celtics host the Miami Heat for game 5 in Boston, Miami leads that series three games to one. Sports attend and 40 passed the hour, Eric Heinz northwest news radio. Northwest news time is now 1212, and we

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