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Extremely yes we know not the only thing i know is because every woman i've ever known in my life was like yeah never never do that so i don't this is not a female hygiene podcast because we don't know let alone female haji but but anyway so just let's just catch up to speed here and then we're going to have brock wilbur so in march two thousand eighteen keith rene r was indicted on federal charges after being arrested in mexico on sex trafficking charges following his arrest rainier went to texas to face charges of sex trafficking and forced labor in new york state on april twentieth four twenty two thousand eighteen actress allison mack was arrested and set to stand trial four sex trafficking based on her role as a recruiter for nexium so now we're going to interview the author of this paste article the knife of aristotle isn't just a fake fake news site it's a colt and his name is brock wilbur brock thank you so much for joining the show gentlemen thank you for having me right so thank you for having us can i say that yeah that's nice so the first question that i have is we hear these terms sex trafficking human trafficking sex slavery there trigger words they're obviously very effective words can you explain what does human trafficking look like in reality what does sex slavery look like in reality specifically in the context of nexium of nexen because when i think of human trafficking i think about a bunch of people being thrown into the back of a semi truck and dropped off on random doorsteps like amazon delivery so what does it actually look like.

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