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Hello everybody and thank you for tuning into the liberty report with me. Today is daniel mcadam our co host. Daniel the dec- you are you. This morning dr. Paul good is still counting votes in my sleep. No count in way. You're going to something like that. I bet there are some people counting. Who knows what but you know me is. It's such a shame that so much disinformation so believable and people. Just go by you know. They might have something. Come up and all of a sudden it disappears from the media. Nobody nobody seems to care too much about it but Hopefully we can find the things that we don't want them to forget about and Yet we don't know everything. There is to be known about a so-called fraud. I it would be hard for me to believe that all of a sudden we were blessed with knowing everything went on in the election. If if there was an how much fraud there was if we could alva sudden. Know that but you know people are there are over and i think yesterday i kept measuring are the republicans tired of this and there was more indication that people people just get turned off with yet..

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