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Ozzy Osbourne's no more tears, my favorite Aussie song of all time. And that guitar solo is performed by a young and energetic Zack wild. And that dude, his solos were lightning. He was, if you listen to the solo on that, it is heavy, man. And, of course, he went on to form a black label society, right? Yeah. Yeah. I'll tell you, Ozzy, you know, he's almost a caricature of himself. You know, people, you know, they rag on him because of the way that he speaks and moves around and whatnot. He's, you know, he's had a very interesting and activity filled life with a lot of different substances and whatnot. And he's definitely paying the price of it. But one of the things that you can't deny is that great songwriter and has some great great fantastic albums, especially some of the early ones. But more so than anything. That guy could put together a band. You think about the list of guitar plays that he had playing with him throughout the years, whether it was Brad Gillis from night ranger, you know, whether it was Zack wild or whether it was Randy rhoads or whether it was Tony Iommi, I mean, that guy has played with some of the most talented guitar plays in some of the greatest soloists of all time. Yeah, he knows. He knows what to put around him. That's for sure. No doubt. No doubt. So yeah, no more tears. Solo by Zach wild. And you got to give him credit for in the video. If you watch the video, he has this iconic bullseye Gibson guitar. It's great fucking guitar. It's looks good, plays good, just the whole package. All right, what do you have next Jack? You break it up. There you go. Now I can hear you. That New Hampshire Wi-Fi is kicking in again. So Zack wild you know, because we're talking about guitarists and whatnot. That bull's eye or a circle guitar, however you describe it is one of the he's one of those folks that you see his guitar and you know it's his. You know, there are just some people in the world of rock that had, you know, those those guitars that were iconic, right? So some of them that come to mind. Obviously, Eddie Van Halen with his kramers in the early days, you know, with his Frankenstein, which was something that he called together from a couple of different guitars. You know, you think of Randy rhoads with a flying V and the polka dots, you know, you think of Zach wild. Even Eric Clapton or David Gilmore, both played stratocasters, but they played those famous black houses or even Pete Townsend playing the Les Paul with a number on the bottom of it. You know, they all they all had their ways that you could identify their guitars. Stevie Ray Vaughan's offender strat all worn out with the SV SRV on those like they're not glitter like prism letters. Yeah. Yeah. So why don't we stick with that because that's actually who I was going to bring up next. So Stevie Ray Vaughan is absolutely one of my favorite guitar players of all time. In his version of. Texas flood. Yes. Is one of those even though it's him and only him that's playing guitar. You could almost consider it a little bit of a jam just because it goes on and on and on. But that guy was such an amazing guitar.

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