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Oh. And then last night. York giants. They said, hey, just as a goof on the fans wanna pick Duke quarterback. Yeah. But. They there's thirty five thousand memes running across social media. That's true about the New York Giants. Maybe it was a publicity stunt to take your drink draft pick and go to Duke for a quarterback, especially when you had the chance to get Josh Allen from university Kentucky, the memes and the videos of the fans Joe lapsing or the giants fans just collapsing to the floor or the or the surrender Cobra their hands around. Yeah. Their faces are like why do I cheer for this team? That's the look on their faces one of the best. What it says is for the first pick for the New York Giants. They decided to be the new Cleveland Browns. Well, minute London. She's now a member of the global warming awareness group. They're called extinction rebellion. She wanted to show how dedicated she was to the calls. Yeah. So she glued her breasts to the streets. All no. She doubts her her breasts superglue than what fly face first on the asphalt in front of Goldman Sachs. This happens just days after all my God just days after protesters in Los Angeles superglue themselves to the large globe outside of universal glued her boobs to the street and from the same group in America LA, they superglued themselves to the university of but yes and different. Okay. But your boobs are sensitive that is bizarre picture, there might be on internet pull the story from the wire. But that's not gonna feel good. No. Of course, not only is all three of us has lover of boobs. Oh, yes. Favorite part? It's up there. It's there. It's top three top two. That's. Top three. Okay. The most important port. Let's be honest. Okay. Why we can't? Come days after the LA members of extinction rebellion glued themselves on the humongous globe at universal. What are they trying to prove? That's my question going against global warming. And they. Superglue have to do with global funny thing is in order to dissolve the superglue. Yes, it takes petroleum-based. That's hilarious. Manage to pry her breast off the asphalt and arrest or they're not thinking. So your point. They're not thinking, they're using even if it's nail polish nail polish will get super Lou off to the chemicals that you have to pour on the ground that will going sewer that will go into wherever that you are now having to do since you are protesting against, but but just wants just just wants what you love to see the thority say leave them their winnings. Lose me when they. Ourselves. Well, glued or boo. Just use them for directions. Hey, how do we get? There would drive to you see a girl's booths glued to the sidewalk. They take a ride. You'll see a budget idiots glued to a globe just leave him there. And this follows from the pita playbook, which was let's get supermodels to get naked for our our calls for that. All right. I'm for that. Okay. Hey, let's eat more meat. Let's eat me because they'll be more pita protests. Doctors have invented a new plastic surgery procedure that will scope your belly fat into a six pack. Oh, give me this number. Don't look perfectly natural. But not too bad. They use liposuction to suck out some of the stomach fat. And then they use a vibrating tube to shape the remaining talk like am has one of those. I might be on be your wife has a lot. Hey, my wife sock drawer looks like. Flashlights city. None of flash. That's a funny rocket. Hey, I can't get as Dan. Flashlights? Turn on. What did you do to them? A little eyeball top and who puts these in their nightstand. Put them in the toolbox like everybody else. The the. The most popular souvenir from Coachella was what was it? Herpes? Oh, the gift that keeps on giving doctor from an online herpes treatment service called it. The the her the herpes treatments online services called her alert. If you go out on a date and your date has an app on their phone. Call to alert. Good night. Normally they handle about twelve cases a day in southern California with Herbie's, but the first two days of the Coachella festival. They received two hundred fifty calls and over the last two weeks of Coachella. There was over eleven hundred cases reported herpes. Josh. So there was a lot of sex going on it Coachella and sex with people that had herpes. There was an outbreak. Wow. Yes. Yes. Now, my favorite story of the day is a woman in Michigan who won seventy eight thousand dollars in in the lottery last week because she forgot how old were kids were and she played the wrong number. Perfect. You wanna live or something all three of us would do. Did you see the kid that won the seven hundred million twenty four twenty four year old kid? Yes, listen, he shows up the next day him and his girlfriend. They both bought ticket. Yes. He shows up the next day without his girlfriend. So I'm wondering if it was like that was a discussion because they bought three tickets at the same time sorta together the other two were non winners. Obviously, the third one was a winner. He's saying that was my ticket. It's it's it's it's it's listen, it's four hundred million dollars stroke or check for one hundred. You're fine. Yes. She's gonna go. Okay. Cool done done done. And he seemed very twenty four years old. Hey life is ruined. But Cathy, no. It's not. There's two things. I hate about lottery winners won the guy that wins five billion dollars. He says this will not change my life. I'm still going to get up at five thirty every morning and go to work and workers. Good day at the railroad. What would you play the laundry four and the other one is the guys that blow through it? And then the Phil Donahue crying in the lottery. Yes. I hate both of those. Yes. But that's what happens when you give a twenty four year old four hundred million dollars. I would have been dead. It is a smaller percentage. Oh, you and I twenty four. Hey shorter. No one would never hear from me. Again. I would just be gone gone out at least girlfriend if I were him. Hey were officially in an open relationship a hundred million dollars. If it was four hundred million dollars. I would be I would want to become one of those evil genius guy had like a compound on an island in the incredible. Right laboratories and stuff like that. Of an island. I want that house. That's what I want with sharks swimming laser being laser stuff. That's the house. I want with former seals as my security team running around the island afford it. Yes. Yes. Yes. Four hundred million dollars. You could turn into a billion dollars. Pretty quick do whatever you want. But if you didn't spend it would make on it..

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