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Problem last year and there wasn't you know the winter a lot of it was shut down and there were do it as much but this is just extraordinarily that it's almost every day and the volume of traffic it's just an incredible amount i can tell you friday afternoon northbound in that huge anyway and it's everybody is now off the freeway onto alternate road said you know if you're sitting there and you're driving north and you're in what ki- good our lake forest or whatever you might not even know about it i i don't know if the chicago stay shitting they are because i think it's driving a lot of traffic over to ninety if you're headed for like the dells and stuff like that so if you're coming out of chicago you probably know about it to even drive through milan there are bunch of routes that you could take because i've had to take them going northbound coming from the ocean county heading north but the problem is there isn't a single one of them that's ideal first of all our freeways or anything none of your either going through town's going way west way east ed everybody's using them they're gonna be clock right and that's all local traffic beside that's what i've been saying is you know you can get further away from the immediate alternate routes but because those are the most crowded like u._s. forty five is a good one actually right now that's west of the freeway the one that's closest and easiest is highway thirty eight east of the freeway but that is just clogged taking up to ryan road so you do have to kind of be creative and give yourself a lot and the ryan road getting back on the heart of the construction that's a terrible merge i wouldn't even bother to yeah ryan is packed between twenty seven and thirteenth essentially.

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