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I don't think so. But I may have misspoke earlier he's only the only did like two or three of their playoff games last year their swearing. They were like Owen seven at home. When he's officiating the games, but they were alluding to the last few years as opposed to last season because the only did a couple of their playoff games. So I want to make sure that I made you pointed that out the other thing I wanted to do is give back to the whole Robert Kraft surgery. I want to be very very clear. Okay. Because I want to apologize to my list is and all of this other stuff. Did I take got off had some breakfasts? Get a new story Robert Kraft is being charged with soliciting soliciting soliciting soliciting prostitution. It's a developing story. More details will come on the air. And I'm like, okay. He has a young girlfriend and him. Probably got busted doing something in some kind of environment. Whatever the case may be at the spa wherever it was. It was just that simple. And it wasn't until I spoke on that produces produced the story for me that showed this involves a sting operation. Over two hundred arrests sex trafficking in all of this other stuff. Now, he's not being accused of such things. He's being accused of soliciting soliciting prostitution. Which is a misdemeanor as what he's being accused of. But it's a part of a sex trafficking. Stink conducted by law enforcement officials that spanned months and it's reduced over two hundred arrest. That's very serious because as Stacey. I call it from Florida pointed out in a lot of those situations that involves underage girls. Sometimes immigrants. And so when you take into those situations, you got a lotta helpless individuals. And we you see something like this so share with anybody. Particularly those who are wealthy. It just has a strong negative connotation attached to it. So we got treat it with the seriousness that it deserves. The reason why I didn't sound as serious about it is because I was thinking. Robert Kraft was with his girlfriend. Or young lady that he knew. Gauging in sexual, you know, some kind of consensual activity, and he got caught. Because he wasn't in the privacy of his own home. I certainly wasn't thinking all of this. Changes the game without question in the NFL is investigating in. We can hope that he's innocent lives Caulton said as well. Damn you. Hope he's innocent this. He says he's innocent of this. He has engaged in no illegal activity whatsoever. Somewhat. Arguing deserves the benefit of the doubt. But these is a very highly sensitive subject highly sensitive story, and obviously is treated with the seriousness that it deserves and it should have been treated with the seriousness..

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