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It's regional everybody west of highway seventy seven in North Carolina's. Welcome join and it just kind of happened. We were in. There was a a post in another community Facebook page, and there were some jokes made about cow cat. People are weird and anti-social and all those like cat lady miss kind of sayings and somebody said you should start a group, and it took me a few days, and I just got started and it took off and we had a thousand members in less than a year. And around this time last year, we were celebrating five thousand members just got the notification for that. So yeah, just kind of happen. And so what do you support? I mean is the Facebook group that then supports initiatives? Like, if you if someone has a cat that is injured or sick, or needs assistance. How does that all work by the first October of the group I randomly decided to make a calendar and a sell it and having the proceeds go to a local nonprofit that works with feral cat colonies. Called friends the number two and Faeroes France to faira lls, and I just used pictures that people had shared within the group that at that point wasn't even a full thousand members, and I had to do pre sales because I couldn't afford to foot the Bill of this calendar myself, so I had to do pre sales, and I was meeting people that I never would've met and then during the pre sales one of our members had a cat pass away because of a genetic kind of mutation saying, and the people that I was meeting to come in purchase these calendars who had never met. This cat would never meet this person most likely they were crying. And there was just this bond that I saw taking place, and I realized how important this was gonna be as a community, and that's what actual count weirdos was in is I is it's a community of people who on ously care about each other. So then I met a woman whose cat is currently worth fifteen. Thousand dollars somewhere there in out. You. Yeah. Wow. He s an appropriate response. The cat has a genetic another genetic mutation and it's caused what's the Qin too brittle bone disease that affects the the lower jaw and the the hips the rear the rear legs and hips Mench. She she kind of inspired what would happen next which was the our logo on a sticker. And I really wanted to help her at that point she'd spent over ten thousand dollars on this cat, and I wanted to help her keep going 'cause she just kept saying that, you know, the cat just has this will to live. This cat was the fifty ninth cat in all the world to be diagnosed with this issue, and it's considered terminal. Most of the cats are put down because it's it's very difficult life and the cat I've met the cat and even when her jaw like, she had this major jaw surgery and her hit it just it's. Bank from the defection. It was so bad, but she would run up to you. And she would per and she would want attention. Oh, gosh. She smelled fearsome, which she didn't care. She just loved life so much. I thought it was mazing, and I had.

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