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Welcome to minority coroner with an gay and James the Wonder Twins Apolo casting learn laugh play it's like blues clues is only it's more black queer and lady lies like this week on minority corner Hannie. I'm so happy that we made it two hundred how can you even wow it's like magic that we got here somebody say black magic Okay I'm gonNA tell I mean I'm GonNa tell those stories that everybody already knows but it's perfect Halloween hundreds black magic the story of Oh man wait who black arm and you don't know Herman I don't good ones loan buckle up because I'm GonNa Engineers Youtube the grandfather of black magic his up down left right story journey that is it's it's own masterpiece hold onto your butts because the change your life and when you say black you don't mean evil you mean it was up in the Harlem Renaissance Doing Mixing Magic and activism and Little one two three man but before we get into that we're GONNA be talking about all sorts of things like mccully Kokin and low Lizard in general we've got a lot on this show all kinds of things I can't hear what's coming on well I just want everybody to stick around because I have a an ounce mount oh the show around episode two hundred is a star right now in feet two hundred episodes now.

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