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I understand she falls asleep. But there's i'm always like glancing over to if she's fallen asleep because either i'm going to stop it or just know where we were because we'll have to go back tomorrow but there's always a good chunk that she wasn't asleep but might as well for sure because she's on her phone doing something and with a show like mister robot or something. There's a lot going on it as well even though it's an intricate plot. Yeah i'll often just stop and look over and just be like d. Did you even see which happened. Yeah i fell. I fell off of mr by. I think it was a little bit too quiet for me. Because i was trying to look at my found we. We're not gonna came up with this one. It's going to have this. Let me say hello and welcome to the bad boy of podcasting. He called himself. That tony paxton. I welcome back home. i'm back in bed lookout. Consider yourselves warned people. I don't mean to call jackie. But she tried to say she was. The first one led into the zoom. Ben allison even talked about this with me. I'm always the first one you got me there. Tones boom tony. I was hoping we could let jackie thinks she was the first one led in your. I guess i meant the first one in that. Was it doesn't work here. I know. I know i just tried to call out the technicality. But i'm happy that you did that because people need to know the truth right and we all know that tampax brings the truth. That's right or as i'm calling him now. Tam vacs. that's good. Yeah why now. Just for nicole and daniel was there for nicole benefit. Why were we calling him. Tamp facts where we talking about tampons with him. No i just came up with as a nickname because this will constantly trying to come up with a nickname for me and yet kind of new bad boy of podcasting was right there. It would be obvious than you would. Just start calling me. We shifted about for so long looking for a nickname for you. There to the tone actually love that one bad to the town. That's pretty good too little musical for the musician. Yeah i need to get that guitar riff ready. Oh yeah use my soundbite. Now both yes that one to our collection also. Tony something happened. Oh i know. Daniel was reading something something from deadline and i was like you know what i'm actually from people who don't know deadline like reports people's show biz successes and other stuff but that's my mainly what i get out of it. Is that like. Oh this person just posted a swipe through on instagram and for them but anyway something you know. Someone isn't a sitcom now. And i said you know i really am happy for them. And then daniels started singing. Hurry for you. don't do you have that one. Oh yeah. I had no idea where that story was going when that started in original song. It was okay. It's an original diddy put together by the guy who formerly did all the music on my show. Tom rapp aka trap dog and the point of it. The purpose of it is to play it when.

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