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Get lathered up and get that first contact and that I hit so he can catch a bunch of all of them and fifty five yards rushing. So they're receiving. So that's all going to add up to the first season manly sidelight atlas Vikings radio network is our guest on the NFL on tune in for the first time as a starter, Jimmy Garoppolo has lost a game and he was mortal today three interceptions including a pick six. How much credit does the Viking defense deserve. Well, I think they were they. They really were the stars of the game, and it wasn't even the guys like Mike Hughes, picking those balls offer Harrison Smith with an unbelievable stat line type of game. But it was the guys that front demille hunter, Everson Griffen Limbaugh Joseph. And then the new edition shoulder Richardson, I thought had the best game of all all those other guys had some, some Saks and stuff like that. But you know, Sheldon really caused a lot of pressure. He penetrated a lot, you know, they really got to the feet in the face of drop below. Whenever he was asked to stay in the pocket in the Mike us, you know, pick six that was because of the blitz package and Eric Hendricks kind of forced to issue enforce the Aaron throw. So you know, we always talk about it's rushing coverage and it got exemplified today by the man. We know Minnesota is the reigning division champs. We're getting set for Sunday night football, Chicago, and Green Bay or new the rivalry. What's your view of the division with a healthy Aaron Rodgers to start the season. What's going to be one of the strongest and football, you know, Aaron Rodgers, no matter what no matter if he's got, you know, the full complement of of a running back behind him. You know, who's gonna step up as devante going to be truly the number one guy was Jordan. VN John no matter what happens around him. He makes everybody better and and you always have a fighting chance when you've got a guy like Aaron Rogers. So I know they're pretty excited about that defense as well. We'll see how that plays out tonight as the season goes along. I think the lions who finished second in the division last year, you know, should be a little bit better. I think you, I think everybody's sort of seize the mentality in the culture change. It's happening there obviously with Matt Patricia, coming from a winning program, and then you've got the bears who who makes they made a huge move to bolster the defense and they they, it looks like on paper against say, hey, we're gonna play. You efficient offense. We're not going to press anything like totally down the field and Blair selves advantage relations. We're going to run the ball Jordan. Howard like outstanding defensive. We're gonna get after the passer if that all comes to fruition, I'll tell you what. It's it's going to be the best division in football. Men I know is a long broadcast day for you, and I caught you calling college football game yesterday. So we appreciate you taking the time to join us on the NFL on tune it. All right. No problem. Anytime, guys, thanks. We roll on NFL first and goal. The podcast detailing the Tom Coughlin ball with the Jaguars facing the giants. Let's welcome in JP Shad, Rick from the Jaguars radio network. Let's recap. Jacksonville's win over the New York Giants. Pleased to be joined by a good friend of the NFL on tune in its JP. Shad Rick from the Jaguars radio network..

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