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Well, Kobe 19 coming right? This is Rachel Pearson, The Elmhurst teachers counsel is raising concerns about District to Oh Fives Reopening Plan and Covert 19 has taken a toll on Georgia's largest school district. Is it prepares for a brand New year, the latest coming up from CBS News business, the Tao of 245 points that adds stack up 158 We have 66 degrees in Chicago under cloudy skies going up to 73. Now. CBS News at 11 o'clock Thiss is CBS News on the Our your home for original reporting. I'm Steve K. Thin, big trouble in a big school district. George's largest public school district just outside Atlanta, has dozens of staffers who have either gotten the Corona virus or Come in close contact with someone who has it. Bernard Watson is a Gwinnett County schools spokesman. Approximately 260 employees who had been excluded from work due to a positive case or contact with a case Now this number's fluid as we continue to have new reports and others who are returning to work. The drugmaker Eli Lilly says it's begun a late stage trial to see if one of its cove in 19 antibody treatments. And prevent the spread of the virus in 2400 residents and staff at a nursing home hit hard by an outbreak in Washington. CBS's Paula Reed's got the latest on talks on a new round of virus relief. CBS News has learned. The president is in frequent communication with his advisors and actively involved in negotiations. At the White House is open to potentially some other options working around Congress, but it appears when it comes to any sort of tax relief or benefits. They really are limited in what they can do unilaterally. A group of college football players in the Pac 12 conferences issued a list of virus safety.

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