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If you're someone who played defense for a lot of years like Jason Taylor. You probably loved what you saw that first quarter especially from the Dallas defense five yards. Total for Seattle in the first quarter Dallas with eighty eight yards and four first downs. But this was certainly a defensive first quarter between these two teams in his wildcard playoff is Dallas starts from its own fourteen yard line Seattle. Got absolutely nothing. Governor I quarter plays is nothing offensively. Look, really bad. Single setback as Elliot moving from right to left at the Cowboys on this first down play its Elliott who gets the Kerry tries the left side not much surfers. Equal Elliot to the seventeen picks up three Bobby Wagner leading the charge to drive him back. Howdy wijers. You talk about guys who had great seasons. Like late Vander edge. Bobby Wagner has had a great season every season seven straight years of one hundred tackles or more Bobby wake is one of those guys. He's he's a do defensively. Get your whole team rallied brings energy brings the passion breaks. Was the reason why he's an all pro Pro Bowl year out seven seventeen. It's an empty backfield Prescott. Two receivers left three white including the tight end of the right of a line drop along the left. Dash the shotgun. Snap leading three. Nothing. Shotgun. Snap comes in number. Hot. Looks left rose left side by table in Austin with the catch and he'll motor out of bounds. At the twenty four yard line of pickup of seven Bradley McDougal trailing on the play. And that's a first down for Dallas. Offers living now to after making that catch going out of bounds. And he said Jason towards the Cowboys sideline again. So we've seen Allen Hearns his night and likely coast season done with what looked like a pretty significant ankle injury. Austin L offers a Beasley leave earlier with an injury. He's been in and out of the lineup. First and ten at the twenty four Prescott alternative to Ezekiel Elliott dives forward to the thirty yard line felt some contacted about the twenty-seven from Poona Ford any just launched through the tackle the big man to get the three extra yards after contact. Everything is set up a based on what Elliott can do in his office. We're into football. You got a pretty good offensive line in front of them. If you can keep doing this and getting their second in five or four three situations. It makes it much easier for now a little a little bit of a beat up receiving core. Two receivers, right, including Beasley single wide to the left is Noah Brown. Second and five at the thirty yard line. Dallas moving from right to left with a three nothing lead early in the second attack Prescott drops along the left. Hatch pressure comes roles, right? Throws on the run to the sideline Peasley is there. And he makes the catch tiptoeing his feet in bounds. And it's a first down at the thirty eight Shaquille Griffin out there on the coverage. Good footwork by Cole. Beasley on that. Sideline. Move the chains. Really good job mice route nice footwork robot deck Dak Prescott on the run. Once again, busy comes up. A little little stays out of the game. Tried to come back on the field for another snapping stepped out. So these guys are through to making place for their quarterback needs take on Austin back out there. Jason long lines up on the left side three receivers that side, including Cooper wildlife motion from Noah Brown from left to right symbol back. Ezekiel elliott. Down with motion across the motion is table on Austin. He gets to carry on the sweep and he's thrown down at the forty five yard line. That'll be a loss of three K J, right? Able to get there and make the stop the run to the Super Bowl is on an NFL network offers the most comprehensive postseason coverage anywhere all the way to Super Bowl fifty three NFL network your home for the NFL playoff. She don't want K J, right? Missed the first six games. He had knee surgery. August he came back and Ken Norton, jR, said you know, what's great about him. Is he lets you play free as a defensive player because he does so much of the thinking on the field for you. Yeah. You can see us thinking right there raiders tape on motion for that jet. Sweep cagey, right? Was sitting in the hallway? There was nothing there. Second and thirteen to give to Zeke Elliot who runs right into the arms of jarran Reed falls forward for a yard to the thirty six and it's third and twelve with the thirty six when a three nothing lead for Dallas. Proud here, not happy. They thought read got a hand on the face masks of Ezekiel Elliott who got up asking for a face mask, Paul was an arm on a face mask. If you get Molik line of scrimmage, you all that was. Third and twelve at the thirty sixth. They're continuing to show that replay on here. I'm sure just for informational purposes. Not try to fire up the crowd. The exactly they don't wanna hear third and twelve and now it's going to be thirty seventeen false start for the Dallas Cowboys. Chart number seventy one fan five yard penalty down Collins on the right side of the offensive line. A little flinch third and seventeen back at the thirty one for Dallas with eleven o six remaining first half. Seattle defensive line jumped as well in the heart kalpa. Column got a hold on their whole and they're a little bit. There was more. It was more jumping action from the left side of the line and playing right tackle recording Gallup the single receiver to the right third and seventeen for the Cowboys two receivers left. Plus the tight end Prescott gets the shotgun. Snap comes in helmet. High. Looks left grows middle caught by Elliott at the thirty five tries to go back left and his tackled at the forty yard line nine yard gain for Zeke Elliott Frank Clark there to make the stop well short of the first down Dallas buried themselves in a whole Jason unable to dig out. And now the punt team back on for the Cowboys. And after that initial drive for Dallas Seattle's defense has matched Dallas almost play for play it done. Well, nobody's depresses have really done. Well, the punters are having a contest to make go back and forth. But really this Dr stalling for for Dallas all started on that first down jet. Sweep you try to run the today von Osten lost three yards Arcadia. Right. So. I liked the downhill stuff pal. The football four that Zeke Elliott. To ranging to the right field. Ten cross the fifteen breaks a tackle the twenty trying to get back to the let these great speed can get to the edge. No. We get tripped up with a twenty two yard line on ankle tackle by Joe Thomas as he tried to get to that edge. And if he runs the outstretched arm of Joe Thomas, he gets the corner, and he may have a long way to go, but Thomas caught him by the right toe that little piggy. Nine forty eight remaining of the first step three nothing Dallas. This is Westwood.

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