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Who's protecting himself from the viruses? Corey UMASS man. Machine Coronas though that's not the best protection going thank beautiful beautiful and we have our co host today. The talented most beautiful Dr. Sabrina Jackson. How you I am fabulous. Got Off. Not The wizard behind the curtain mandate. They've already I already witten head myself. I was I did. I took the time this week and After some of the comments and feedback I reorganized my bar So everything is all in order. It's all organized a fun fact. I have thirty six bottles of vodka and I also have thirty-six bottles of whiskey and Scotch behind on speaking live nation. What we would we would. We would vary senior from from a market. We've got well you know. Mary has has been very kind to us again and plumb market she sent some. You know some kind of Margarita thing today. She said some white wine Nice Calloway fellas. That I didn't get anything. Well we're socially distancing drop something we're going to have corey come over and service your I have. I have a porch in a front door. I'm just saying you know I'm I'm good although laughably did have a friend a buddy of mine Owns this place Down in Wyan dot and went on a cruise all over today like she was just bored as Hell And just went on a cruise today delivering wine to like Oliver Friends. And that kind of stuff just to you know dropped out on the porch and said hey come on out for a second you know got to say hi and that kind of thing so well. You're doing well. My friend has it relates to Libations EARL EARL Steve is bad pretty Nassar. She send you Earl Stephen. Today well we got a pretty good show today. We got our Chuck Bennett Style. Guru needs no introduction. We're GONNA TALK TO CHUCK CATCH UP WITH CHUCK. See what's going on with His exciting life. I know he's out. Took the guy. Chuck is Godfather and we have We have a couple of interesting stories. We're GONNA talk about and we have a young lady store some ridiculously exciting things. La from Detroit Designer from that mistake and she went to Cass Tech. She's designed for rates. Oh absolutely Detroit's crown jewel cast yet and she's out in La doing some designing. She's she's worked with a lot of stars will let her tell us about that. And we have our one of our contributors who has a a segment in the magazine called in good taste. She's food in travel consultant. And she's GonNa talk about traveling the future flying and maybe we'll talk a little bit about food some her restaurants review and We got we got a lot to talk about. So what's been going on with you? Don't even offer two weeks and know just been kind of trying to stay busy In this core team and keeping up with the stuff online you know Automo- parties and everything than watching that Jordan documentary got so check it out the door and you had a good conversation about that. Tell us what you feel about Jordan seeing the documents you brother was your opinion. Now you still like. He's the greatest wrong or not. Well I have had the same opinion of Jordan For thirty years now. And it's can be summed up very simply falker. I don't like Michael Jordan. I don't wear Jordan close. I think he's a horrible person I think he's the greatest score in basketball history. I believe that you can't take you can't deny that. I believe that it's tie to me with the greatest of all time on Corinne and in Awe Lebron but Jordan. He's he's he's nothing to me. I could care less bad. He's a crybaby. He's a wigner lebrons Ron man. Look let me tell you something Luke. Brian is a better basketball player. Jordan Lebron is. I don't know either one of those guys personally but if you look at Lebrons body of work with what he's done civically Jordan came. Come close now. I've got six reigns brother. The Lebron talking about basketball thousand talking.

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