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Down very fast and I was back at high school back in high school. What happened to hair and makeup? What happened to Happened my. to finish high school. Exactly. So you moved to America in two thousand early two thousand s? Okay. Well, I was doing the classic Ozzy thing of like the back and forth. Oh, yeah, don't commit. Yeah. The coming in for few months trying to get a job going back to Austria, Stein with mom and dad. So we know you from a lot of dramas, but then you know more recently, we know you from so many comedies. Was there a particular role or moment that you had that you're like? I want to lean into the comedic side of my acting career. I had a tiny role in marie-antoinette Sofia Coppola movie many years ago playing duchess deploying yak who is a real figure in the in the story of marie-antoinette and she was very bubbly and sort of the comic relief. That was kind of the first taste and I was like, this was fun and interesting, and she, we did a little improv on that. And then I addition extol forget him to the great, which was right, super funny satire on Rockstars. And what have you, and and I played a super trashy wasted popstar who was Russell brand's ex-girlfriend? Very fun. And from that I got bridesmaids? Yes. I had a great break from from John uptown stola. I just loved bridesmaids. Your role? I feel like makes it as the nemesis. It looks like it was very fun to play from the audience point of view, very fun, fun. Excellent group of people. Great material veasley. And I do remember Melissa McCarthy just like may going, who is this incredible. And obviously she was so established from Gilmore goals and all her other work, but she really as blew up after that. And she's yes. Starred opposite her yet fine spy, which is a Larry issue as well. And there is something I think particularly funny about seeing rose burned delivered these like vulgar, filthy lines of dialogue after. Oh, is that the natural you? Is that who you am? I right, that's right. Yeah. So it is within your soul. So your new film, this is an adaptation of a Nick, Hornby novel Juliet naked, and you aggressively went after this role? I did. I read the novel in two thousand nine when I came out and I just loved it. It was really bittersweet specific Nicole in baton. You know, like the arrested development, someone not growing up regretful nece and it's such a gift, the characters he gives you as an actus to then put them into screenplay and try to bring it to live. So yeah, when I heard that would do in the movie, I was like, please can I made on it? Can I read you read the book before I had read the book. And what did you think of your character? I thought she was intriguing. I thought that I loved her breaking all the rules and taking all these risks and acting out, and she's is kind of uptight buttoned up very British lady who then goes against all her rules. Did you ever watch Seinfeld? Sure. Would you remember when George does the opposite of everything? He usually does? Yes. Any tests. Talking to the Yankees Huck open. That's kind of like any like she's like, does us doing all the opposite of all the stuff she doesn't have as great a success. But it's sort of that kind of idea. And when you were filming this, you were not only pregnant while filming this. I guess you also congratulations. So you also had like some bizarre blender accident. With your hand Blenda. Why. How what happened that you put your hand in a blender, what a shame that was, you still have the hand the hands. Okay. I was making muffins at like nine PM at night. As you do found this recipe like kind of complicated ginger apple recipe, like this is a great idea mic muffins, and we can eat them in the morning and then at the -mergency room to holding my finger together light, but just like and then walks by, like I love doing store where we're exactly..

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