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Easy access or when you're home, just ask your smart speaker to play WWE news radio. It's 5 O 8 traffic and weather together on the 8s. Good morning, Neil fiorito. Good morning rob, definitely driving the speed limit on a lot of the roadways, most of them actually, including your expressways and your toll ways, just a suggestion before you leave. Today, maybe later on this afternoon, make sure you have enough washer fluid. It was a tough time for me personally on the way here. So plenty of fluids gonna help you drive for sure. Avalon park delays approaching Jeffrey in 79 to crash at that intersection, you can consider using 75th or stony island and as rob talked about midway airport with more southwest cancellations happening today, make sure you check ahead before you head out to the airport. Along the Eden's open road on either side, same story on the candidate to and from the airport just 15 minutes, no worries on I two 90, the FCI's an hour, I 55 is the Stevenson. You are clear on both sides between three 55 and Lake shore drive. Nothing major reported on the Dan Ryan this morning, 57 or along the bishop Ford, dusha Lake shore drive looking good just remember ongoing work continues southbound 57th the Hayes you lose the right lane. Tri state toy north on the rams of the Alpine Stevenson is closed for work through the end of the year. Jane Adams stole away the Reagan the veterans all clear, so it was route three 90 and route 53 a good trip through I 80 through Joliet as you make your way on either side 80 94 65 the toll road looked great through northwest Indiana anything you see, please give us a call and let us know on the Dunkin traffic tip line. The number is 8 5 5 7 80 road. For the veteran traffic center, your next report at 5 18 who's ready a one O 5 9? Back to where the forecast for today. Clouds and some sunshine, windy, turning milder this afternoon with a high of 42

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