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I got it from the tree was about nude a full day I mean you know I love Bernal's pizza I had it twice last week at a Thursday that I had it again Saturday night but I gotta admit man all mama bear knows just some a little bit better when you're sitting outside all year by the bay Hey you got Kim it and the trio play all that so all said it was a great night me and with inter first gig back I'd words second or third I don't know I don't I don't I didn't ask I did run into our band it was such a great night and they had all the tables out there spread out everyone was social yes yes I was with rob moody and George tampering labor and that yup and then a I was with the owner's mind you couldn't help but notice a total joke and laugh so hard I'd barely notice that well Brian Ryan fox Dr Brian Brian fox walked the lead singers of Linda and also dentist mind you Chuck he walked in well positioned here you know Chuck Chuck Bennett the wheelbarrow his son knows great time though man if you ever get a chance to get up to Bernal's by the page if you love I wanted to write out all the vessels into Saturday was perfect I went to church I did the I love going to Our Lady of lords on Saturday because their church their masses at four thirty so it's early so it's kind of we can get you went back what you actually go to the mass there now I'll be going back to journey for weeks really yeah and then I I started going to wear a mask and they seat you like it's like it's like it's a wedding so somebody when you get there you know it's like if you have groomsmen and they're waiting for you yeah actually the mayor of St Matthew's name dropping is NET he was sad so they they you see how many of you go there's three of us and they took us in and they every other pew is empty and then they separated by sixty are they doing baptisms of this work on now is that yeah that's what you have to do okay question you know when you go to confession you gotta tell who your could use go in there's just a blur two choices you can make you go to they have a place to where there is a veil between you and and the priest yeah or you can walk around and you could do it face to face well what about Lorde why would you want to do it face to face I did every time all my gosh he's I I thought that the the very truthful or not always I was I thought the priest got a kick out of my confessions they used to fight to hear them yeah because I'd lay it all out they go then what happened like I get a priest would go and then what happened is pictures right well here's what you look like she was wearing what year it is in the wrong line of work so there'd be so much that they would just go at the end all right we're gonna put all that under sex drugs and rock and rolls I find what I was like perfect yes and then when they said that whatever so like if I do the thing where I don't have to face them yeah the veil yeah yes Dr semi name that no no so they'll know who I am no so quite unless they recognize your voice what if I went in there and I said this is Tony with Eddie now they go you know well you know thank goodness thank goodness it's it's like a little bit you could barely see who they are or whatever but you recognize the priest Boise you know who it is all you could do your whole confession so then you have to come out afterwards do ten hail Marys twenty or whatever so or they ask you to do something like that if you wrong somebody they'll go okay you've got to do something to make up for that did they ever ask for like financial compensation like oh man that's horrible but tell you what if you donate twenty five thousand dollars our lady of Martha no well the you'll get that was the book you'll get a credit deal you get seven store credits in heaven that was the Middle Ages it is dropped off a chicken you could get three hundred years of purgatory all my gosh if you gave like a mule is like a thousand years offered during man what **** for three hundred years is pretty good bingo at all so I went I started to lose words and I want to shout out to our lady of lords because they had a first I walked in and somebody everywhere as mass on so I thought it was great that there was somebody standing there with a trump twenty twenty Massey had a red one with the white letters and then ten feet away was the table set up for L. G. B. T. Q. I don't know a black lives matter so I thought that was I've never seen it when I was obviously I'm a cradle Catholic been incredible our Catholic voluntary life right so that we haven't exactly embraced the gay community in the last a thousand years so the I thought it was great that they had a booth set up for the gay community and that that the Catholic Church at least our lady of lords has embraced that communities sell they were selling yard signs I wonder where you got your yard so I got my my your son isn't that all the colors of the rainbow yep yep so I thought it was cool is that that's where you know you come to church this is where we all come together and get along and kind of just go you know do church or the writer to get gay couples can pay tuition also that's right right well I'm shifting gears in gold total opposite direction guys you ready yes talk about the billion dollar industry that is realistic sex dolls.

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